Top 10 – Fashion Magazine Germany

Fashion Magazines – We wanted to know who’s a nose ahead of the rest. What is en vogue? Who has the top current trends in fashion, beauty and entertainment? Good question! That’s why Mirijam did some research and rummaged through all the relevant fashion magazines on the newspaper shelf. Print is classic – but those who make it into print magazines are among the best! Styling, cuts, new trends and always up to date in the newsstand.

Here you can find all fashion magazines!

Top 10 Fashion Magazines

  1. Brigitte550,000 copies
  2. Cosmopolitan400,000 copies
  3. Glamour390,000 copies
  4. Grazia250,000 copies
  5. Elle200,000 copies
  6. Vogue150,000 copies
  7. GQ140,000 copies
  8. Bella115,000 copies
  9. Madame95,000 copies
  10. Interview – 38,000 copies

Fashion magazines top 10 ranking

Newcomer: FIV Magazine

Our newcomer, FIV Magazine: