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Straighten Hair: Blow Dry Straight Keratin & Top 5 Straighteners

Straighten hair – We all know naturally curly and frizzy hair and want nothing more than smooth and shiny hair for a change or for trendy hairstyles. It’s no wonder because straight hair looks elegant in neat sleek hairstyles as well as worn open. However, there are a variety of products that do not make […]

Body care: routine, tips & attractive appearance

Body Care – We all know that the skin on our body needs just as much attention as the skin on our face! Washing or showering regularly is part of life, we learn that at an early age. Also, body care for men is also directly related to health. If you don’t cleanse your skin […]

Hair care: tips, routine & healthy hair

Hair care – There are few ways to define your style and character as specifically as with a casual hairstyle. After all, a new haircut is often the first step when you feel like a change. In order to enjoy your haircut for a long time, the right care is the be-all and end-all. Because […]

Beard Care: Beginner Tips, Routine & Beard Waxing

Beard care – The man of the world wears beard today: Whether cool three-day beard or casual full beard, beards are now more than a fashion trend. However, there is one prerequisite: The beard should be well coiffed and groomed. For this there are the right beard care products. With a beard care adapted to […]

Facial Care: Daily Care, Routine & Tips

Facial care – Men also have a right to a beauty routine! Quickly some water in the face and ready? No way! If you’re going to go to the trouble, it’s best to use a facial cleansing product that also thoroughly cleanses your pores. If you’re particular, also make sure not to set the water […]

Stretching: Stretching Routine, Daily Stretching & Yoga

Stretching – Stretching is meant to stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments, making them more supple and therefore more efficient. Or in other words: stretching exercises should help to give the body the suppleness that is necessary for good coordination and fun during sports. In this article, you’ll find 3 videos all about stretching. First, a […]

Shaving Bikini Zone: Mistakes, Tips & Soft Skin

Shave Bikini Zone – Say goodbye to razor zits, ingrown hairs, dark spots and stressed skin in the bikini zone for good! How. With these helpful skin care tips and instructions, you’re guaranteed to succeed. Shaving your sensitive skin the right way isn’t as complicated as you might think. Here’s what you need to know […]

Lasering: Hair Removal Routine, Best Devices & Tips

Lasering – You want your legs to look smooth and well-groomed, but you’re impatient? You don’t feel like strawberry legs and irritated skin from all the shaving? There are various methods for permanent hair removal: Laser treatment is a particularly effective method. With laser treatments, annoying stubble disappears for good. Learn more about laser treatments. […]

Epilate Legs: Routine, DIY Peels & Tips

Epilating legs – Are you tired of shaving your legs all the time? Then we have the perfect hair removal method for you: epilation. When you epilate your leg hair, you not only remove the hair, but also the entire hair root. This has the advantage that you have smooth legs for up to four […]

Shaving Legs: Routine, Hacks & Shaving Foam

Shaving Legs – Would you like smooth, clean-shaven legs for the summer or are you a model and need perfectly shaved legs for your next shoot? In this article you will learn how to shave your legs properly, which products you should use before and after shaving and how to avoid skin irritations. We’ll also […]

Belly Workout: Six Pack, Pamela Reif & 7 Minutes

Abdominal workout – You finally want a defined abdomen or want to strengthen your abdominal muscles even more? Then you are exactly right here! You will learn everything about building muscle in the abdominal area. We have compiled the perfect training for you from training duration, nutrition to the optimal abdominal exercises. Go ahead and […]

Nail Care Tips: Routine, Tips & Common Mistakes

Nail care tips – as a model, well-groomed nails are a clear must, because they make a powerful impression! Watch some videos in this article and get helpful tricks that make manicures easy to do at home. From the nail care routine, useful tips, to mistakes when painting nails that you should avoid at all […]

Self tanner: application, routine & products

Self tanner – Even and even tan with the help of self tanner. This self-tanning routine and tips will help you tan your skin at home. Perfect skin all year round. Want that too? We’ll give you skincare tips, shaving tips and more. Back to skincare and back to the beauty guide. Self tanning routine: […]

Fraser Wilson – Training and Workouts: Morning & Evening Routine

Fraser Wilson – He is one of the most famous fitness influencers in the world. Every beginning is hard, he also started somewhere once and that as an insecure boy in the gym. In the gym or working out you relieve stress and it feels like meditation, that’s exactly what Fraser’s urge was to follow […]