Summer Fashion News – Romantic Holidays, Fashion Trends & Collections, Must-Haves and It Pieces

Fashion trends and the latest news of the VIPS from America? Every season the latest trends and collections come out. The best magazines and fashion magazines in the world, inform you daily about the latest news and tell you what should not be missing in your wardrobe! The most important colour trends and wardrobe must-haves can be found here! Summer is here and the holidays are starting, to enjoy the togetherness with your partner you should use the favour of the hour and plan a romantic holiday at the sea, lake or in the city! We Here you come directly to the current headlines of the magazines: Fashion News.

Couples on holiday: romance by the sea or a city break

Couples should enjoy their togetherness. Often it is lost in everyday life to go out just the two of you. That’s why it’s even more important to choose the perfect vacation spot to relax for a few days or even weeks. Hotels, hostels, bungalows or holiday apartments – everywhere you can have a great time as a couple! Especially magazines and journals show you the latest trends of holiday resorts!

Holiday Fever: Nature & Relaxation

Those who want to escape the city hustle and bustle will find the best relaxation in the mountains and forests. For couples there are interesting accommodations. Bungalows and wooden cabins in the middle of nature with day hikes and yoga at sunset. If you want to find peace and quiet, you should try this kind of holiday. Of course there are beautiful landscapes and nature areas especially in Sweden, Scotland, Lithuania or similar, but also Germany and Holland offer a lot of green. So you don’t have to travel far to switch off.

Holiday fever: City trip

Out the door and in a romantic old town like Venice, Vienna or Paris? This is a vacation option that couples love to choose because there is so much to see. In addition to museums and typical tourist tours, cities like Venice, Strasbourg, or San Vincente have small alleyways with restaurants and cafes to try. What could be better than a traditional breakfast in a small café, the best cappuccino in town and dinner at the harbour with jazz music in the background. Especially for couples a romantic ending!

Popular holiday destinations for couples: Travel fever

  • #1 Belgrade
  • #2 Rome
  • #3 São Miguel, Portugal
  • #4 Mykonos
  • #5 Santorini

Travel time – perfect vacation days

Whether short trip, week trip or months – To enjoy the togetherness it does not depend on the length of the holiday. Even a weekend in the mountains or at the lake, can let the soul dangle and do the couple good. Many Internet portals help you to book the cheapest holiday. Urlaubsguru or Urlaubspiraten are perfect for last minute offers and divided into different categories, such as package tours, flights, hotels, city trips, cruises, ski trips, apartments, short and train trips.

Q&A Vacation

Which country is convenient for vacation?

One should consider that sometimes the flights are expensive, but the countries with accommodation and food are kept relatively cheap. In addition, of course, the criterion of the season in which you travel and how much budget you have. FIV has picked out the top 5 cheapest holiday countries for you:

  1. Cambodia
  2. Vietnam
  3. Bolivia
  4. Hungary
  5. Bulgaria
  6. India

What exactly is a package holiday?

Package travel is travel in which a tour operator promises to provide a totality of travel services at a single overall price and in his own name. A precise but not generally binding definition is given by Art. The advantage lies in the fact that the organiser takes over the organisation and responsibility. This is convenient for the traveller. However, one must be prepared for the fact that many points, such as the original time of the flight, arrival and departure day, etc. are already pre-organized and can rarely be rebooked.

Where can I go on holiday with children?

In these videos, parents explain how to pack their bags and how best to take a vacation with kids – so parents can relax for once:

What do I pack? Long car journey +Long flight with children

Children’s adventure & wellness for the parents

With 3 children: sun, beach, sea

Fashion Week! All fashion news at a glance

Today’s top headlines:

Elle: Pure romance – hotels for couples

This week on Elle, it’s all about the most beautiful hotels for couples. A bit of romance for couples is just the thing to take time out in the summer. A summer dream for those interested in fashion – the top trends and It Pieces in blouses and shoes. More news from this week:

FIV Magazine about Outfits & Accessories + Advertising Agency for Fashion & Media

The fashion & lifestyle magazine FIV reports today about a professional advertising agency. In the fashion & digital media section, this article creates an insight into the creative world. Photography is an exciting topic. FIV gives you tips on outfits, clothing and accessories! Estate agents and real estate are a big topic – here you can read about whether you should buy real estate today or not:

Harper’s Bazaar – healthy lifestyle: wellness and body care

In contrast, Harper’s Bazaar reports this week on “Here’s How Your Japanese Zodiac Sign Affects Your Personality” and “In vs. Out: These Clothes Are On Trend for Spring 2019 – and These Aren’t Anymore” . More headlines of the week:

OK Magazine – about fashion shows and Duchess Kate

OK Magazine’s blog looks at “Surprising sideswipe at Duchess Kate” and “Bitter reckoning with the show!” . More news from the blog:

Fashion Insider: Cosmetic brands of the stars & shopping queen trends

New from Fashion Insider this week includes “Will Lady Gaga become a beauty star with her own cosmetics brand?” and “Celebrity Shopping Queen: Oksana Kolenitchenko, Miriam Lange and Anouschka Renzi put the neon trend to work” . More social media news:

Stylebook: Summer Trends & Bikini Looks

This week Stylebook has topics like “How to properly care for my baby bump?” and “Designers give tips for a cool summer look on hot days” . New topics of the week:

L’Officiel – Micheal Kors Beach Party

About Michael Kors coolness and beach party reports today L’officiel!

Instyle – Influencer fashion trends

This week at Instyle among others “This fashion label you need to know now – Dutch influencers already love it” but also “The most beautiful spring shoes from H&M, which are now on our wishlist”. New articles, headlines and trends:

Flair Magazine – Must Haves: Prints & Motifs

New articles and posts from Flair Magazine this week include “Jumpsuits total” and “Sassy pleats: Colorful fabric panels” . More headlines of the week:

Girlfriend – Asos: Plus Size Fashion & Shoe Trends

This week, girlfriend has interesting topics like “These are the 3 most popular plus-size pieces at Asos” and “Designer shoes: find cheap alternatives here” on the blog. Check out the posts and more tips here: