Sandra Hunke: Model, craftswoman, social media, TV and now YouTube

Sandra Hunke – We are proud to be Sandra Hunke’s model agency and have been for more than six years now. During this time, we have witnessed first-hand how Sandra has written a unique success story not only as a model, but also as a craftswoman. Here is a little insight into the life of Sandra Hunke! What does she do? What does she work on?

Sandra Hunke: As a model in action

Sandra Hunke is a remarkable personality who knows how to unite the worlds of modeling and craftsmanship in a unique way. Her extraordinary talent and charisma in front of the camera have made her a sought-after figure in the fashion world. Her journey began as a “tree girl”, and since then she has steadily established herself in the industry and achieved impressive success.

All about Sandra: TikTok, Insta, model book & Co.

Model, craftswoman, social starlet and …

Sandra has often walked on the as a model and she has appeared in various TV shows and advertising campaigns. She is not only a face for various brands, but also an inspirational brand ambassador. Her ability to tell stories through images has also made her a sought-after content creator with a strong social media presence, sharing her power and passion for her work.

But how did it all start for Sandra Hunke?

Sandra Hunke is a fascinating personality who is successful both as a model and as a craftswoman. Her remarkable career began in an idyllic village, where she discovered her manual skills at an early age. By the age of 16, she already had manual skills that would amaze many men today. This led her to decide to train as a plant mechanic (plumber).

Model agency and start as a model

Her journey into the fashion world began when she won the artisan model competition and led her to work with us CM Models. This agency opened doors to the most prestigious catwalks and allowed her to appear on TV shows and be a brand ambassador for well-known companies. Sandra Hunke is known for only taking on jobs that she really enjoys, whether it’s at Berlin Fashion Week or designing luxurious bathrooms.

Her life story is marked by bullying in her school days, but she has overcome these challenges and encourages young people to follow their passions and have confidence in themselves.

Source, FIV Magazine: Sandra Hunke.

Sandra Hunke is undoubtedly an inspiring personality who is equally successful in the world of modeling and craftsmanship. Her story shows that you can follow your passions and realize your dreams, regardless of the circumstances.

Sandra Privat: In love, engaged, married

Sandra’s engagement to Marc at a Fashion Week show was a romantic highlight in her life. What makes her even more unique is the strong support her boyfriend has given her since the beginning of her career. This support has recently culminated in the birth of her first child, and it shows that Sandra lives in a harmonious environment not only professionally but also personally. Her love, engagement and wedding are further proof of her success and her ability to combine the best of both worlds.

Videos say more than a thousand words, we take you through a few steps of Sandra’s career.

All this makes Sandra a power woman for us!

Shooting with Sandra: Model book

Before jobs and castings, there are photos for your own model book! Here in one of the first shoots with Sandra Hunke.

Jewelry by Larsson & Jennings: Jobs

One of her last jobs, including for social media with Larsson & Jennings.

Craftsman Queen!

Now also with its own channel, be sure to follow!

New now! Your Baumädchen Villa

Brand ambassador for Hansa

As an influencer , Sandra also shows that she creates authentic content, 1:1 from her life. Just like for Hansa, a brand you know from millions of bathrooms and homes.

Sandra on TV

Cable 1

Focus TV