Rick Genest x Zombie Boy: Rebel, Discovery, Super Model

A few hours ago Rick Genist was found dead, at the age of 32 years leaving a woman and his children. Although we usually write about jobs and castings, today we wanted to make an obituary for one of the greatest people in the world! Strong, independent and just a nice guy.

Our last meeting with Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy

We were allowed to meet Rick with our fashion magazine a few months before his sudden death today in Montreal (Canada) for Interview. Even before that he was a very special person who encouraged us to believe in us and our idea. Various international media have taken up our news, as well as the daily El Pais from Spain has taken up our interview once again. It’s a sad message, because he was one of the most inspiring people. Whether commercials with L’Oreal, which we also show you right away or the music video with Lady Gaga. We are very grateful that we once had the opportunity to ask Rick Genest our questions and get personal answers, but also for another opportunity for our models to work with him.

Rick Genest – Life, Inspiration, Super Model

Rick Gin is an inspiring personality for us, raised in Canada, he rebelled early on, and was later even a squatter. He got his first tattoo at the age of 16, at the age of 19 he decided to tattoo himself completely to and “undead people” with tattoo templates, which he combined little by little and could create something completely new from it.

After his discovery, he worked for the biggest international brands. In the end, as young as he was at the age of 32, he had not only worked for the entire high fashion industry but also made international commercials, including for American DIY stores such as Home Depot.

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjub8ZkDoDt/?hl=en&taken by=zombieboyofficial

So he had arrived in the midst of society. Everybody liked him, everybody accepts them. He had a wife, he had children, yet he chose it. What else could he have experienced? Be ours, your life is so precious! We must preserve his memory as a joyful person who has always made the world a little more colourful. RIP Rick. We have collected some moments from his life and his obituary from our Modemagazin.

Published on Instagram after his death

More from Rick Genest on Instagram.

ZOMBIE BOY OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE MONTREAL, August 3rd 2018 The statement made by the police of Montreal is accurate in terms of time and location. Zombie Boy’s death occured in Montreal’s Plateau–Mont Royal neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon August 2nd. The classification of his death is yet to be determined, contrary to reports. We received the bad news early afternoon yesterday and members of the Dulcedo team rushed to support his family and loved ones, in this dark and difficult moment. We want to offer them our deepest condolences. Dulcedo Management is shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Zombie Boy, Rico, was loved by everyone who had the chance to meet and know him. Icon in the artistic scene and in the fashion and entertainment industries, this innovator has charmed all hearts. As you can expect, this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved. We ask that the privacy of his family be respected as they grieve and in the next coming days, an official statement will be made by his family. -Dulcedo Management

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Who was Rick Genest?

The most important facts about one of the greatest men models of our time! Read more in the interview with Rick (above).

  • First tattoo with 16 years a “Jolly Rogers”
  • He was punk, anarchist and squatter in Montreal
  • At 19 he decided to become a “living corpse”.
  • Born: August 7, 1985 in LaSalle, Montreal, Canada
  • Died: August 1, 2018, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal, Canada
  • Was in movies like 47 Robin (2013), Carny (2009) and Love at Last Sight (2014)
  • He was on the catwalk with 1.78 m
  • Rick Genest: The last instagram posting before his death

After his death: friends and colleagues

Rick x L’Oreal: The Famous Uncovered Video

The video is one of the most popular, it showed him for the first time in a facet you didn’t know about him before. Here his tattoos are concealed by products from L’Oréal and made visible again by the video being played backwards. While Zombie Boy was already popular in the high fashion and fashion industry of course, he has now, with this video, made it to general fame. After that he not only had jobs for customers L’Oréal, but also advertising contracts, as with the previously shown DIY stores. Awesome!