Photo shooting in the desert (Germany) with Marie Dahmen

Two models, two photographers, one sensational location. Our desert shooting yesterday in Frechen with two of our New Faces and the girls from “City Boutiques” was a complete success. Here is a brief summary of the most exciting moments behind the scenes. Have a look at the final pictures below and read how such a shooting day works.

Excitement before the desert shoot

Our studio in Cologne is slowly filling up with colourful clothes and make-up utensils. Outfits are tried on, accessories admired and assigned to our two models Marie and Pia. Caro and Jennifer from City Boutiques brought a suitcase full of treasures. Through these two we can borrow the latest collections of small boutiques from Cologne for our shooting. GREAT!

Makeup - Model - Foto shooting (Germany)

The models are already made up by our make-up artist Angie, hair spray smell hangs in the air and the mood is good. Everyone is excited, because there is not just any normal studio shooting coming up, NO: We are shooting today in a desert scenery, in the middle of nature. But we don’t jump quickly into our private jet, we simply don’t drive our shooting mobile for an hour and are at our dream location: A desert landscape like in the middle west of the USA, directly in front of our front door in Frechen near Cologne.

Our two photographers Oli and Moritz can’t wait to jump out of the car, the weather is better than expected, even if there is no sunshine, the lighting conditions are perfect. After a short walk through nature, with two huge suitcases full of clothes and make-up, we finally arrived at the scene.

Model posing in icing sugar sand

The shooting is on, the cameras are flashing and our models are setting the scene in the white dream beach sand. The outfits are changed behind the next hill, the face shortly after powdered and it goes on. The view over the landscape is really DREAMY and our models give everything at posing! The photos are corresponding! Here again a big praise to our models!

The weather grumbles up after one and a half hours of shooting, thick raindrops patter down on us. Our models don’t let this unsettle them and make a top figure in their outfits even in the rain. The outfits are changed one last time, our photographers realize their last picture visions, then they are quickly packed together. It gets cold and with wet hair no thick cardigan will help. On the way to our shooting mobile the setting sun can be seen for a moment and shines in a shining orange over the desert landscape. An exciting photo shoot ends with an impressive sight. We are proud of the whole team and are looking forward to the photos!

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