Model agency interview: outfit, casting & questions

We have received many questions, especially about the topic, do I have to prepare for an interview in a modeling agency? Whether yes or no, how does such an interview generally proceed? Here we want to give you a brief insight into how your interview at a modeling agency will go.

Preparation for the interview outfit and participants

Many have already had interviews, for example for small jobs or even job offers. The preparation for an interview in a model agency is not as demanding as it is for a normal job. You don’t have to prepare any documents, you don’t need a resume or anything like that. All you need is the right outfit and of course to show up on time.

Since you don’t have to prepare any documents, you can fully focus on your casting outfit.

Whether young men or young women, the casting outfit is relatively similar for both. The absolute basis are always discreet outfits. After all, today is not about winning the prize for the Outfit of the Day, it’s about you, your facial expressions, your personality. Accordingly, you should go for plain black trousers, a simple black or white shirt, for women a top. The shoes should be just like shirt and pants discreet and not distract from you.

Women have to pay attention to two special features, instead of sporty shoes you should always wear high heels. In addition, you should also have a bikini with you, so that your figure can be seen if necessary. In short, you need the following:

  • Plain clothes
  • Black pants
  • Black or white shirt or for ladies tops
  • Plain shoes, for women additionally high heels
  • Women additionally with bikini
  • If you have photos, bring them on your phone or tablet

If you have already gained experience as a model, e.g. during your first photo shoots with photographers, you can of course bring your first photo series with you, or a selection of your best photos. Unlike in the past, you no longer need printed photos in a model folder, it is sufficient if you take your photos with you on your tablet or mobile phone.

Many people visit a big city for the first time during their first interview at a modeling agency. So that nothing can go wrong, you should still write down the following data in your mobile phone, so that you have everything important with you in any case:

  • Exact address of the model agency
  • Telephone number of the model agency
  • If possible, phone number of your contact person

Here is another tip from us as management! If possible, don’t be there 5 minutes before the appointment, but don’t be in the office 30 minutes before either. Ideally you should always be on time, that means two or three minutes before the job or your first casting starts. But it is important that you are already there beforehand. Ideally at least half an hour before, the rest of the time you can spend with a coffee or a delicious smoothie in a café.

Punctuality and a smile

Punctuality is very important, as already mentioned, you should always be on time. So don’t be there an hour early, but also not 10 minutes. 2 or 3 minutes before the casting starts, you should be there!

Therefore, plan your journey carefully in advance so that nothing can go wrong. Because if the appointment goes well, this is your ticket to life as a model in a large and reputable agency.

Here’s a little tip from our management! Always enter the agency, the office or the room with a smile. Smiling is often already half the battle, because as a model it is very often about advertising, that is sales and emotions. In addition, sympathy always plays a role in every job interview. You should use this for you, not only at the first casting in your model agency, also when you are later at castings in front of customers, for fashion shows, commercials or online shops.

Interview and contents

The actual interview usually lasts between 20 minutes and an hour. Depending on how far you are already, that is, whether you are still a student and have 2 years of school ahead of you, or whether you are already ready to travel, so that you could also work in the big cities like London, New York but also Hong Kong.

In the interview, it is for the agency or the model agency first of all to find out whether you are really 100% behind what you want to do. Because if the model agency later sends you to big and international clients, it can not depend on luck! That’s why you don’t start as a model with the big campaigns, but with small jobs.

Many have the dream of modeling, cover shoot for Vogue, Elle or Harpers Bazaar. But they forget that it is a long way. All the supermodels in the world have worked for years to make their breakthrough at some point. That’s why as a model you have to be patient for yourself and your career.

Of course, mum and dad will also be there when it comes to the first interview, for example if you are only 15, 16 or 17 years old. Because your parents will always be a big part of your life, they will also be intensively involved in the planning from the beginning.

These topics and much more will be discussed during the first interview at your modeling agency.

Admission to the model agency and waiting time

The decision whether you will be accepted in the model agency or not, you usually do not get in the interview. Mostly, a few Polaroids are made of you, which are quick photos with the mobile phone or with the camera. In addition, one or the other walk video is made, in which you show what you could present at a fashion show. Subsequently, the respective model agency discusses in the team. This often happens not on the same evening but perhaps at the end of the week.

Another first reality check! Because even if you later go to the big client casting or are proposed for jobs, you often have to wait for the decision. If 20 models are invited to a casting and there is only one job, you will also often have to deal with rejections. Don’t hang your head! Nobody becomes a star overnight.