London Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2021 – The Best Shows & Designers

Fashion Week London: Spring/Summer Fashion – London is synonymous with youth, colour, vibrancy and innovation in the fashion world, and this energy continues even in the midst of a lockdown. Check out the best looks from London Fashion Week this season to highlight this creative resilience. London Fashion Week is back. Even though some designers are presenting off-schedule or merging their men’s and women’s fashion shows, the vibe remains the same: great fashion. Check out what some of our favourite British designers have in store for Spring 2022!

London City

In the modern capital of Great Britain, you get to see a lot of beautiful and extravagant. No wonder that the city is the home of the British royal family. Culture, luxury and fashion wherever you look. Be inspired by London’s charm and style.

Here you get an overview of London:

London Highlights

Creative shows and sustainable designs – It’s good to see that sustainability has become commonplace and many brands have abandoned the traditional ‘seasons’. Some designers have added menswear to their spring collections, and cross-gender designs are also a growing trend. Here are eight runway and presentation highlights from a pared-down, more relaxed fashion week.

Max Zara Sterck



Edward Crutchley


N Palmer

Rowena Meghan

Anna Mason

Have you heard of it?

Two must-see designers are Paul Costello and Karina Bondareva.

  1. Paul Costello
  2. Karina Bondareva

Paul Costello

  • Paul Costelloe opened his studio to present his new designs and give the experts an insight into his creations.

Karina Bondareva

  • The winner of the Vogue Met Gala competition, Karina Bondareva, presented artfully crafted, fantastical designs in her final show that included matchsticks, paper, clay buttons and other unusual materials.

London: All dates at a glance

London Fashion Week – On the streets of London you see people in clothes from big designers everywhere, be it on Regent Street or on the streets of Soho. It’s no different at London Fashion Week. It is, of course, one of the biggest fours in the fashion world, alongside fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Milan. Here you get all the important dates and further information about the shows and fashion weeks in London.