Hot! Our Curvy Supermodel Camille + Requirements, measurements and castings

While Angelina Kirsch is looking for her new Curvy supermodel on RTL2, we’ve already found ours! Wonderful Camille. She’s a real gold piece, or even better, a diamond! Because how often do you as a model agency have the luck to find a young model who is not only super committed and motivated, but who also has the perfect conditions as a curvy model. With her size of 42 she has great dimensions to work for fashion but also generally in advertising.

Curvy Models: Upcoming in fashion shows, TV and advertising

We have received a lot of questions in the last weeks, also now again about the TV show, mostly:

What are the Curvy Supermodel requirements?

people for TV shows are of course cast much differently than models for an international agency. In TV and television, the focus is on people who go out of their way, polarize and ideally offer viewers an entertaining evening every week. In a real model agency, however, you are not booked to tell exciting and personal stories or to get more reach through disputes. Model agencies are all about professional posing so that pictures can be taken quickly and the team can continue with the next outfit. No one needs to stage themselves or tell private stories, here it’s all about your skills! Basically, TV casting shows and model agency castings differ in that people are selected for television who stand out due to strong emotions or a lot of speech. The requirements in a modeling agency, on the other hand, focus on your talent and skills as a model.

In principle it is important for you as a model that if you want to work professionally as a plus size or curvy model, you are looking for a management that does not plan with you for a show series but 4 years. So that you can develop step by step, your model portfolio gets better and better, you can gain real experience through real jobs and thus become better and more self-confident. With fixed contact persons and also confidence in you, if it does not run so well at the beginning.

Camile @ Berlin Fashion Week: Video

Become a Curvy Model: Prerequisites, conditions and requirements

As you just saw, the requirements for TV castings and real castings in a model agency differ. There are also ideal sizes for Plus Size Models. As a Plus Size Model you should have at least a clothing size of 42, even better 44 or 46 for female models. Let’s take a look at the details of the requirements for Curvy Models

Prerequisites: Plus Size / Curvy Model Dimensions: Size and confection

The market for female Plus Size Models is much larger than that for male models. That is the first criterion. Why is that so? Of course, women are much more fashion-oriented on average. Since more women are interested in fashion and also consume it, female models in particular are booked for photo shoots and advertising films.

As a Curvy Model you need the size described above which ideally is 44. But you can also work with a 42 or 46 as a plaster model. If the customer wants to book a Class Plus Size Model, it is especially because he is looking for women with curves for production. This means it is an advantage to have real curves, not just a little bit of baby fat. Did you know the average woman has a size of 44! These women are therefore looking for people in magazines, advertising or online shops with whom they can identify well.

Unlike a high fashion model, the height of a Plus Size model is less important. What is the reason for this? As a high fashion model you also work in many showrooms and for fashion shows. The grid is very narrow here, since the competition is very large. Women must also always match the male models, with high heels. At the end of a fashion show, a uniform line is to be created when one considers over the heads of the models. This ensures harmony in the show and more focus on fashion. Curvy Models are currently booked mainly for photo shoots and commercials. This makes it possible to become a Curvy model even without a body height of 176 cm, due to the lower competition. As a Curvy model you can also work with 174cm, if the other total package is right.

If you are completely satisfied with your curves and like to show yourself, like fashion and trends, then consider applying as a model! The market is relatively new and the competition is not so big, take your chance!

You can easily measure your own measurements and size yourself here: Model Dimensions: Requirements and size

Conditions to become a Curvy Model

As with any model, you need self-confidence! You must like your body, your curves, yourself! Because as a model you are not only in front of the cameras, but you are also often enough a role model for young people but also for older people. In campaigns, you stand for a healthy lifestyle or a fulfilled life, for example. Whether it’s for Instagram and we’re talking about fashion or insurance and you’re happy driving a sports car on the beach. Emotions have to be honest and authentic. In order to master this, one must know one’s body exactly, one’s own abilities but also one’s own facial expressions must be constantly controlled. With each individual photo, click, click, click must be both the posing sitting as well as your facial features and emotions. To combine all this on one point and to deliver professionally, focused in a shooting date, is really a high art. The A&O for Plus Size Models but also for models with sizes 32, 34 or 36 is your own body feeling and that you are happy and satisfied with yourself.

Requirements for castings on the job

When you go on castings or jobs, clients expect absolute professionalism from you in a job. Professionalism as a model contains many different aspects. This includes, for example, preparation for a job. You have to go to bed early enough, maybe even plan your trip or have just arrived from the airport and are at Hotel Check Iin. No party, no sightseeing, you prepare yourself for the next day and your job, so that you appear with absolutely fresh skin, a smile on your lips and no circles around your eyes on the set and during styling. Again, you have to prove that you should ideally be at the location 15 minutes in advance, you can drink a little water or write a few messages to your friend. It is important that the production can always count on you, just like your model agency to push and advance you even more with the customer.

Yes, as a Curvy and Plus Size Model you have to be able to do quite a lot and they demand a lot from you, but you can see a lot of the world! Shootings, nice people and people, creative arts directors, photographers, videographers, other models, designers or even employees from marketing and models who become friends. As a model you can expect an exciting life, if you are very committed, diligent and also a little bit lucky with the customers. Because there will always be competition! That’s why you have to work hard and not assume that you can automatically live from modeling. This requires a lot of effort and also some investment, e.g. in your model portfolio.

Plus Size Model

If you liked all this and now you want to become a model or know a good friend who should definitely become a Curvy model, then we would be very happy about the application! With our model agency we not only work in Berlin and Cologne, our models work internationally and also in cities like Milan, Tokyo or Los Angeles. We are very happy about new talents and your trust in our model management. For a common future and a secure and reliable agency with a worldwide network for your development.