CM Models x Treedom: CM is now planting trees! For a little more climate protection

CM x Treedom – Doing good together! We, the team of CM Models have mission: to make the planet greener and fight climate change, we want to help. Together with our partner Treedom we want to plant many more trees this year and at the same time support people worldwide. Learn more about our social commitment and our sustainable corporate forest.

Invest in the future with Treedom

Why a tree, why Treedom and what does it have to do with a sustainable future? Quite simply, every tree absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere during its life and binds it in its wood. According to a study by the TH Zurich, trees can absorb 2/3 of the CO2 emissions caused by humans.

Treedom is a platform that enables its users to use their commitment transparently and innovatively for a sustainable future. With just a few clicks, you can do good and plant a tree or give one as a gift. Since its founding in 2010, Treedom has planted over 3.3 million trees in 17 countries. In total, this has already saved 857,000 tons of CO2 and reached almost 200,000 people worldwide.

Our vision – the CM corporate forest

We at CM-Models also want to do our part to fight climate change. For this reason, we support Treedom to plant trees in countries in the southern hemisphere for sustainable social and economic benefits. Besides doing something good for our global climate, we are happy to support local small farmers and increase income by selling the harvest.

Our impact to date at a glance:

2 trees planted

– 855 kg CO2 saving

With Treedom, we have done good and planted trees worldwide with just a few clicks. From our donations, Treedom finances small agroforestry projects worldwide with the goal of preserving biodiversity and supporting local communities.

Each planted tree gets its own little homepage. This allows the progress of the project to be tracked transparently and easily online. In addition to the coordinates where our trees were planted, we receive constant updates and pictures of our company forest.

This is where we planted our trees:

  • Grevillea
  • Coffee

Why the Grevillea?

Their flowers are bright yellow and their rich nectar attracts bees, which strengthens the ecosystem and promotes pollination of other plants.

Why coffee?

Coffee is an important source of income for local communities and supports the local economy.

Everything begins with the release of the little trees.

CM Models plants change – locally and globally

We want to support Treedom in our common mission to make the planet greener while making an environmental and social impact. For this reason, we have already planted 2 trees and aim to plant a total of 10 trees by the end of the year.

Our team behind CM Models believes that Treedom’s project can not only create and maintain sustainable ecosystems, but also support thousands of people globally. By planting the trees, we are not only doing something against climate change, but we are also promoting social and economic benefits in the regions.

Ecological benefits: strengthening ecosystems and fertility through species conservation

Trees and forests are essential for our climate, for this reason it is particularly important to place great emphasis on the sustainable use of resources and soils. Local environmental factors are given special consideration in the choice of tree species. In this way, the individual needs of the project regions can be addressed and the trees can be optimally integrated into the agroforestry systems. In this way, it is possible to strengthen the local ecosystems in the long term and to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and soil fertility.

CM not only improves the environment locally, but we also benefit globally from the trees. Every tree absorbs CO2 from the air during its lifetime and binds it to its wood. The longer a tree lives, the greater the CO2 savings and its positive impact on the planet.

Economic and social benefits: increasing income and productivity

Planting a tree has not only an ecological value, but also a social and economic value. By planting the trees, Treedom especially supports small farmers and thus gives them a future.

For local people, the trees make it possible:

  • Diversify the income of farmers
  • Increase productivity in the long term
  • Start small business

This creates a financial foundation that brings social benefits to the local community. The trees expand food resources and establish economic opportunities – so the smallholders involved can derive direct benefits from the trees.