Camping: Destinations, places, accessories – Tips & Information while camping

Camping – If you like to spend time in nature and want to take a break from the otherwise stressful everyday life, you should decide on a camping trip! Most of the campsites are very natural and convince with breathtaking landscapes all around. Sitting together at the campfire in the evening, enjoying the peace and quiet, watching the starry sky and, in the best case, making new friends – camping will definitely give you an unforgettable time in nature. If you have always wanted to swap your bed for an air mattress to enjoy all facets of your nature holiday, you should definitely opt for the more affordable camping.

Camping: What’s the best way to camp?

Most people think of camping directly in the nature. However, there are also other possibilities to spend the night in nature. Whether in a classic tent or a caravan, camping can be a varied and multi-faceted experience and offers plenty of space and freedom, so that everyone can organise their holiday according to their preferences.

Camping – flexible, cheap & uncomplicated

The probably most classical and easiest way of camping is camping. This is most suitable for a short trip not too far away. Pack up a small tent and off you go! You don’t have to pay much attention and you can choose a campsite where you can spend a nice time with your family or friends. This way you are flexible in where you want to spend your holiday and still be in the fresh air. You can just pitch your tent spontaneously at a place you like and move on the next day if you feel like it. This is also one of the cheapest ways of camping, because you don’t have to pay much when you go camping wild and on a campsite you usually only have to pay the entrance fee for yourself. Since you can’t stay in your tent all day, you can get in contact with other people quickly. This way you make interesting acquaintances, exchange holiday stories and important information and enjoy the time in company. So if you want to spend a few days in nature in an easy and uncomplicated way, you should get involved in this experience. Of course, a hotel bed would be more comfortable than the mattress with which your tent is probably equipped, but for this short period of time, the missing comfort can be accepted if you are offered an unforgettable nature experience in return.


  • Flexible in terms of location
  • Recreation in nature & fresh air
  • Cheap alternative
  • Contact with other guests
  • Located mostly directly at the sea


  • Lack of comfort / hygiene
  • No sanitary facilities
  • Very weather-dependent
  • Uncomfortable sleeping facilities

Roof-tent – space-saving & compact

Another alternative to the classic tent is the method of camping with a roof tent, which is still less known. This can be easily attached to any car and then only needs to be folded up. This way you always have your sleeping place right with you and can have your sleeping place set up in a few minutes. An advantage to the classic tent is that you don’t have to carry a lot of things, but you always have your tent ready to use on your car, with which you are travelling anyway. It is quick and uncomplicated to set up and usually only needs to be folded up with one hand movement. You can also leave your mattress and sleeping bag inside, so there is no need for any unnecessary alterations. Another advantage is that you don’t have to be afraid that the ground is uneven or wet and the tent might get soaked. Since the tent does not have to be set up on the ground, you do not need to worry about the ground. The only difficulty that might arise would be setting up the tent on larger cars, as you might have to use a ladder. Furthermore, the purchase of a roof tent is much more expensive than a normal ground tent. For camping fans, who are often on the road and also undertake longer trips, this investment is worthwhile.


  • Fast assembly
  • Compact packing size
  • Space-saving (tent does not have to be dragged along)
  • No wetness / ground frost


  • No sanitary facilities
  • Ladders are usually required for the assembly of the system
  • Cost issue

Caravan / motorhome: comfort & storage space

Another popular alternative to camping is travelling with a caravan or motor home. This variant of camping is worthwhile for longer trips. With a motorhome you can travel further and are flexible in planning your route. You can move on every few days and plan your own round trip. In a caravan you can take all your things with you and have plenty of storage space for food, clothes and other important holiday equipment. You will also have your own kitchen with you and you can cook something during the trip without always having to stop at the campsite. The same applies to sanitary facilities, as you will usually have a built-in toilet with you. Travelling with a motorhome or caravan is also possible at any time of the year, as you are protected from wind and weather, unlike the classic tent.
However, both with a caravan and a motorhome you are bound to camping sites and cannot just stop spontaneously somewhere and camp wild. This means that you have to plan and determine your routes in advance and book the campsites to avoid that they are already fully booked. Furthermore, you will have to pay a little bit more for the camping site fees on the campsite than with a simple person tent, for example.


  • High comfort
  • A lot of storage space
  • Weather- / wind-resistant
  • Their own kitchen
  • Mostly own sanitary facilities


  • Tied to campsites
  • Lack of flexibility at the holiday destination
  • Special driving licence may be required

Camping destinations: Germany, Europe & USA

Passionate campers have a diverse selection of destinations for their camping holidays. Not only Germany, but also other countries in Europe and the USA offer multifaceted corners that invite you to camp in nature. If you still lack ideas for your next route, let us inspire you here!

Camping in Germany – Baltic Sea & North Sea

Camping is a very nature-loving and adventurous way to spend a cool holiday in Germany. There are many regions here that invite you to go camping and passionate campers are impressed by the picturesque nature. Camping in the nature is a very flexible holiday variant where you can decide how you want to spend your day. Whether Baltic Sea or North Sea – the multi-faceted Germany has a lot to offer and makes the hearts of nature lovers beat faster.

Baltic Sea: wellness, water activities & leisure time

Anyone on holiday at the Baltic Sea naturally wants to see as much of the incomparable landscape as possible. It is not without reason that the Baltic Sea coast is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany. Numerous campsites are lined up along the Baltic Sea coast and almost always offer direct access to the sea. Due to their location, many campsites offer a wide range of water activities such as canoeing, surfing courses or the acquisition of a fishing licence. While wellness is a priority on the Baltic Sea, some facilities even have their own spa area. Whether family-friendly camping in the middle of nature or a large camping park with numerous leisure activities – everyone is guaranteed to find the ideal campsite for their preferences at the Baltic Sea.

  • Access to the sea
  • Water activities
  • Wellness

North Sea: excursions, sea & city trip

A North Sea holiday offers many opportunities for activities, nature excursions and recreation. There are also a large number of campsites and with their charming ambience they invite numerous tourists. Most of the campsites are located directly by the sea, so that you can breathe in the salty sea air and listen to the sound of the waves as soon as you get up. Especially families are offered an extensive leisure program on one of the campsites, which are also open all year round. If you are considering a trip to the city in between, you can easily reach several shopping towns. Camping by the North Sea is a real experience, offering you leisure activities, unique nature and pure relaxation.

  • Family-friendly
  • Leisure program
  • City breaks

Camping in Europe – Italy, Croatia & France

Apart from Germany, there are other beautiful places in Europe that invite you to go camping. So if you are flexible in your arrival and open for a longer and further camping trip, you should choose one of the paradisiacal and natural holiday resorts in Europe. Whether Italy, France or Croatia – the European countries have some breathtaking nature, charming flair and culture worth seeing. The best insight is of course camping in the great outdoors.

Italy: sun, beach, sea & many tourists

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations and attracts about 41,000 tourists from all over the world every year. Italy is not only known for design and fashion, but also for its vast mountain landscapes, seemingly endless coasts and sandy beaches and the incomparable nature. This is why Italy is also particularly suitable for a camping holiday. The choice of possibilities is huge. From simple campsites to a 5-star camping paradise, Italy has a wide range of alternatives for campers. As it is particularly popular to stay overnight by the sea, a seaside holiday on the Adriatic coast and the Riviera of Flowers in Sardinia and Sicily is most suitable. Good weather, unique landscapes and historical culture make Italy one of the most popular destinations for a camping holiday.

  • A beach holiday by the sea
  • Good weather
  • Charming landscapes

Croatia – family friendly on the beach & sea

Croatia is one of the most beautiful and varied landscapes in Europe. In addition to the many historical sights and the idyllic coastal towns, which convey a flair of medieval beauty, the Croatian beaches and the incomparable nature are a real holiday highlight. Therefore it is very suitable to camp at one of the natural places of Croatia. Fascinating landscapes, beautiful beaches and intoxicating cities are waiting to be discovered in Croatia. Many campsites now have an extensive recreational program, making Croatia a popular destination for families with children.

  • Camping on the beach
  • Leisure activities
  • Family-friendly

France: Nature, Wellness & Co.

France has a lot to offer regarding its nature and is therefore also a top destination for a camping holiday. Sitting around a campfire, watching the starry sky and letting the landscapes take effect on you, this and much more can be camping in France. Here you can also enjoy your family holiday with your dog on the beach and decide for yourself how to spend your day, when to eat and when you want to travel further. Some campsites even have wellness facilities, with whirlpool, sauna and hammam.

  • Family holiday with child / dog
  • Unique landscapes
  • Wellness offers

Camping USA & Canada

For the more adventurous among you, camping in the USA or Canada is recommended. The longer journey is well worth it, because here you will find amazing landscapes, tourist friendly campsites and unforgettable experiences.

USA: cheap & tourist friendly

A special highlight for nature lovers is camping in the USA. The country of unlimited possibilities with its natural beauty is a popular destination for campers, as the impressive natural beauty of this multi-faceted country can be admired on one of the over 14,000 campsites. However, Dei USA not only has a large number of campsites to offer, but also convinces in price. Since the worst places are stately, the price of these is kept low. Moreover, the wide roads and large parking spaces are already very camping oriented and therefore invite many tourists and vacationers with their motorhomes. Also the many signs that refer to campgrounds even in the most remote places indicate that the USA belongs to the top camping places at all.

  • Innumerable campsites
  • Favorable places
  • Tourist-friendly

Canada – natural campsites

Canada is also ideal for a trip with a camper van or tent, where you can experience the diverse country close to nature. Especially in the west and east there is a large number of possible campgrounds. Most of them are spacious and equipped with picnic table, fireplace and barbecue grill. The best time for a camping holiday in Canada is between June and September. Due to the large number of campsites, it is not necessary to make a reservation except in popular national parks. Most of the time you will find a campsite where you can spend your night in comfort. So if you are looking for spontaneity and adventure, camping in Canada is the right thing for you.

  • Variety of campsites
  • Attractively equipped
  • Experience nature

Camping with animals / children

Animals – Even for those of you who cannot leave your four-legged friends at home alone, camping is a great way to spend your holiday. You don’t want to miss out on a break from everyday life, but can you take your pet with you to almost no hotel or holiday home? On most campsites they are allowed! Not only you, but also your little friend can enjoy the outdoors, because animals have plenty of room to run around and enjoy nature as much as you do. We have summarized what you should think about when you go on holiday with your animals in this packing list.

  • Dog basket – Comfortably through the vacation, whether in the car or flight time
  • Blanket – trembling? No way, with your own blankie your dog will always feel comfortable
  • Fressnapf – This is how you get a little bit of habit on vacation
  • Drinking bowl – Just like the feeding bowl, it is easier to make the dog feel at home with your own drinking bowl
  • Food – There must not be too little food! And finding your favourite food on holiday to buy more can be difficult
  • Treats – The dog should always be rewarded if it behaves well. It saves you a lot of trouble on holiday!
  • Toys – So the dog does not get bored when the master wants to relax
  • Leash – On many campsites you have to use a leash! So you must not forget the leash under any circumstances
  • Muzzle – If you travel by train, you should think of a muzzle
  • Towels – So that the dog can be dried after bathing, for example
  • Fur care utensils – fur care must not be neglected even when on holiday
  • Excrement bags – so you don’t leave your dirt anywhere!
  • Vaccination passport or EU pet passport – The passport for pets must not be missing
  • First-aid kit for the dog – so you are prepared for the worst case scenario

Children – Your children spend too much time in front of the television or mobile phone? Then a real camping trip is a great way to give them a little variety! In the middle of nature under the open sky and once you have internalized the beautiful landscape! Campfire, starry sky and midnight stories – camping offers children a full nature experience which they will not forget so quickly. Far away from the outside world and far away from technology, school and co., children can be children again and without great tools, play in the fresh lust and explore the picturesque nature.

Compare beach, nature, desert & Co.

Camping on the beach

Probably the most unusual way to camp is to pitch your tent on the beach. Listen to the sound of the waves in the evening and smell the fresh sea air. Camping on the beach is definitely worth an experience and is a highlight especially for those who love not only nature but also the beach and the wide open sea. Because as soon as you wake up and look out of your tent, you have a breathtaking view of the sea. So if you love to cool off directly in the morning, you can jump into the water immediately after waking up and swim a lap in the salt water. Furthermore, camping on the beach is a paradise for families with children, as your little ones can go swimming at any time, and with light waves they can splash in the sea all day long.

  • Experience nature
  • Direct access to the sea
  • Family-friendly

Camping in the nature

Another possibility to camp is to sleep in the open nature. Here you are far away from the hustle and bustle and can enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Whether in the mountains or in the woods, here everyone gets his money’s worth and finds a suitable place for himself where he can relax and devote himself completely to nature. Far and wide there is not a soul, no reception and absolute silence – when camping in the nature you can completely relax from the stress of work and take some time for yourself.

  • Away from the hustle and bustle
  • Green landscapes

Camping in the desert

For those who prefer even more secluded locations, camping in the desert is the perfect choice. Here you are completely surrounded by sand as far as the eye can see and are once completely isolated from the outside world. Camping in the desert means pure relaxation! With enough food and water you can enjoy a few days of peace and quiet completely on your own.

  • Adventurous & exciting
  • Sealed off from the outside world

Camping on the lake

Camping by the lake is an alternative for the nature lovers among you who also love water. Here you can not only take the nature aspect of camping with you, but you can also cool off as you wish. An advantage compared to camping by the sea is that it is not as dangerous for small children in the lake as with big waves in the sea, so you can let your children run around unattended and relax a little during your holiday.

  • Experience nature
  • Direct access to the water
  • Family-friendly

Camping at festivals

Probably the best known and easiest way to enjoy a festival is to stay overnight right in the middle of the action. If you like to be at festivals lasting several days, you know that you don’t waste a minute! Therefore, it is a good idea to camp on site and party until late at night, so that you can continue directly at the spot the next morning. This way you get in direct contact with the other festival goers, make new acquaintances and have an unforgettable time that you will remember for a long time! This experience cannot be offered to you by any domestic accommodation. It is also cheaper to camp out instead of staying in a hotel. Although you will have your own bed and bathroom, the real highlight of a festival is the charming time in nature. So if you have the opportunity to camp at a festival, you definitely shouldn’t miss this chance either!

  • Direct on-site location
  • New acquaintances
  • Highlight of a festival

Nudist camping

If you want to try something new and go all-out camping, you should devote yourself completely to nature and look for nudist campsites. Light, carefree and without a lot of luggage you can forget all your problems for a few days and enjoy an authentic holiday. However, this type of holiday is only suitable for people who are completely at peace with themselves and their bodies! If you feel uncomfortable with the thought of being completely naked, you should rather choose another kind of camping, because the main purpose of camping is to relax and recuperate.

  • Authentic vacation
  • Relaxation & recreation

Camping site near me – Top 8 Germany

If you are planning a camping trip for your next holiday, but don’t know exactly where to go, we have selected our top 8 recommendations for campsites in Germany. Whether you are travelling with a motorhome, a roof tent or a simple ground tent in your luggage – these campsites offer you a cheap holiday, recreation, relaxation and an adventurous time in nature, even if you are travelling only a short distance.

Nordsee-Camp Norddeich – Westermarsch Two (513 places)

Nordsee-Camp Norddeich – Camping in Westermarsch Zwei (address: Deichstr. 21 in 26506 Norddeich) with 513 pitches for campers on 25 hectares of total area and a plot size of 90-135 m². Per person you pay 6,00 Euro, children included and stand fee 35,00 – 41,00 Euro, payable with cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Nordsee-Camp Norddeich in Westermarsch Zwei.

Directions, address and camper capacities at the North Sea Camp Norddeich

  • Address: Deichstr. 21 in 26506 Norddeich, Germany
  • Location: Westermarsch Zwei, Lower Saxony
  • 513 pitches for campers
  • 37 rented accommodation
  • 203 places for permanent campers
  • 90-135 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 25

Wellness Camp Dune 6 – Zingst (500 places)

Wellness Camp Düne 6 – Camping in Zingst (address: Inselweg 9 in 18374 Zingst) with 500 pitches for campers on a total area of 10 ha and a plot size of 100-120 m². Per person you pay 8,00 Euro, children 4,50 Euro as well as stand fee Including, payable with cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Wellness Camp Dune 6 in Zingst.

Directions, address and camper capacities at Wellness Camp Dune 6

  • Address: Inselweg 9 in 18374 Zingst, Germany
  • Location: Zingst, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • 500 sites for campers
  • 39 rental accommodations
  • 20 places for permanent campers
  • 100-120 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 10

Via Claudia Camping – Lechbruck (469 places)

Via Claudia Camping – Camping in Lechbruck (address: Via Claudia 6 in 86983 Lechbruck am See) with 469 pitches for campers on a total area of 18 ha and a plot size of 100-150 m². Per person you pay 7.90 Euro, children 4.50 Euro and stand fee 13.30 Euro, payable with cash, Maestro. Read more: Via Claudia Camping in Lechbruck.

Directions, address and camper capacities at Via Claudia Camping

  • Address: Via Claudia 6 in 86983 Lechbruck am See, Germany
  • Location: Lechbruck, Bavaria
  • 469 pitches for campers
  • 20 rentals
  • 300 places for permanent campers
  • 100-150 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 18

Beach and family campsite Bensersiel – Esens (450 places)

Beach and family campsite Bensersiel – Camping in Esens (address: Am Strand in 26427 Bensersiel) with 450 pitches for campers on a total area of 10 hectares and a plot size of 80-90 m². Per person you pay 5,30 Euro, children 2,80 Euro and stand fee 2,20 Euro, payable with cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Bensersiel beach and family campsite in Esens.

Directions, address and camper capacities at the beach and family campsite Bensersiel

  • Address: At the beach in 26427 Bensersiel, Germany
  • Location: Esens, Lower Saxony
  • 450 pitches for campers
  • 16 rentals
  • 330 places for permanent campers
  • 80-90 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 10

Camping Park Kalletal – Lippe (450 places)

Campingpark Kalletal – Camping in Lippe (address: Seeweg 1 in 32689 Stemmen) with 450 pitches for campers on a total area of 12 hectares and a plot size of 100-120 m². Per person you pay 10,00 Euro, children 5,00 Euro as well as stand fee Including, payable with cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Campingpark Kalletal in Lippe.

Directions, address and camper capacities at Campingpark Kalletal

  • Address: Seaway 1 in 32689 Stemmen, Germany
  • 450 pitches for campers
  • 26 rentals
  • 176 places for permanent campers
  • 100-120 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 12

Camping Park Breitenauer See – Löwenstein (342 sites)

Campingpark Breitenauer See – Camping in Löwenstein (address: Breitenauer See 2 in 74245 Löwenstein) with 342 pitches for campers on 17 ha total area and a plot size of 100-120 m². Per person you pay 7.00 Euro, children included as well as stand fee 39.00 Euro, payable in cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Campingpark Breitenauer See in Löwenstein.

Directions, address and camper capacities at Campingpark Breitenauer See

  • Address: Breitenauer See 2 in 74245 Löwenste, Germany
  • Location: Löwenstein, Baden-Württemberg
  • 342 sites for campers
  • 15 rentals
  • 300 places for permanent campers
  • 100-120 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 17

Camping Losheim am See – Losheim am See (438 places)

Camping Losheim am See – Camping in Losheim am See (address: Zum Stausee 210 in 66679 Losheim am See) with 438 pitches for campers on a total area of 10 ha and a plot size of 80-100 m². Per person you pay 6,00 Euro, children 4,50 Euro and stand fee 2,50 Euro, payable with cash, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Camping Losheim am See in Losheim am See.

Directions, address and camper capacities at Camping Losheim am See

  • Address: To the reservoir 210 in 66679 Losheim am See, Germany
  • Location: Losheim am See, Saarland
  • 438 sites for campers
  • 22 rentals
  • 320 places for permanent campers
  • 80-100 m² plot size
  • Total size in ha: 10

Camping site Schillig – Wangerland (730 pitches)

Camping Schillig – Camping in Wangerland (address: Schilliger Düne in 26434 Schillig) with 730 pitches for campers on a total area of 42 hectares and a plot size of 80-100 m². Per person you pay 4,00 Euro, children 2,00 Euro as well as stand fee Including, payable with cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa. Read more: Camping site Schillig in Wangerland.

Directions, address and camper capacities at Camping Schillig

  • Address: Schilliger Dune in 26434 Schillig, Germany
  • Location: Wangerland, Lower Saxony
  • 730 sites for campers
  • 48 rentals
  • 950 places for permanent campers
  • 80-100 m² plot size
  • Total size in hectares: 42

Camping Accessories – Important, practical & helpful

When you go camping, there are some things that should not be missing. From the most important things like an air mattress and tent to smaller things that are usually forgotten, like a good water bottle and a headlamp. When camping in the nature you are mostly limited to the most necessary things, because mostly not much can be taken along and there are no supermarkets nearby. But which things you should absolutely think of, we have recorded here for you.

Top 11: Useful camping accessories

  1. Awning
  2. Air mattress / sleeping mat
  3. Sleeping bag
  4. Camping chair & table
  5. Grill / outdoor oven
  6. Cool box
  7. Anti-mosquito lamp
  8. Water-soaked clothing
  9. Light backpack
  10. Headlamp
  11. Good bottle of water

Tips: Camping in the nature

If you are planning a camping holiday, you can’t just throw everything into the car and drive off. Good preparation and planning is essential. Also during your trip you will need some useful tips and tricks to get the most out of your nature experience. In this video you will find a few insider tips that can be applied quickly and easily in a variety of situations.

Saving tip! Buy remaining stock

You love camping but you have to pay a lot of money for the complete equipment? Tent, motorhome, mattress, sleeping bag and a lot more can cost a few euros. Even if you don’t have to spend any money for hotel and co., a camping trip is not exactly cheap. But we have a very special savings tip for all camping enthusiasts among you! You can buy your most important utensils as remaining stock and save money. Some vendors such as Campwerk sell some of their goods as B goods, which makes them much cheaper.

Tips & Tricks – Hacks around Camping Essen & Campfire

When camping in nature you cannot expect the greatest gourmet food ever. But with a few simple tricks you can conjure up something very special. Whether it’s a healthy snack or something sweet to nibble on – in this video you will find some suggestions for delicious food that can be prepared quickly and is also suitable for camping.

Building a shelter from mosquitoes, making a campfire or finding out the direction? This video shows you 43 very simple but very helpful tips for camping! You don’t need to have any special items with you or any special skills to make your camping life a lot easier!

A campfire in the evening is a must for a real camping trip! Whether it’s stick bread and marshmallows or just sitting together comfortably – a campfire is definitely a must for every holiday in nature. But how do you actually do that best? In this video you will find 7 techniques to create a fire easily and with only a few tools.

Measure: Berlin, Rostock & Co.

Berlin ACC

  • Messe: Berlin ACC
  • Date: from 13.03. – 15.03.2020
  • Location: Berlin

Camping & Caravaning fair in Rostock

  • Messe: Camping & Caravaning Fair in Rostock
  • Date: from 27.03. – 29.03.2020
  • Location: Rostock

4×4 Vakantiebeurs in Loon op Zand (NL)

  • Fair: 4×4 Vakantiebeurs in Loon op Zand (NL)
  • Date: 22.03.2020
  • Location: Loon op Zand (NL)

4×4 rhein waal in Xanten

  • Fair: 4×4 rhein waal in Xanten
  • Date: from 27.03 – 29.03.2020
  • Location: Xanten

Tourism world in Mainz

  • Messe: Tourism World in Mainz
  • Date: from 03.04. – 05.04.2020
  • Location: Mainz

Woonforum in Groningen (NL) h3>

  • Messe: Woonforum in Groningen (NL)
  • Date: 10.04. – 13.04.2020
  • Location: Groningen (NL)

Maimarkt in Mannheim

  • Messe: May market in Mannheim
  • Date: from 25.04 to 05.05.2020
  • Location: Mannheim

Dactentenfestival België

  • Messe: Belgian Literary Festival
  • Date: 05.06. – 07.06.2020
  • Location: Belgium

Adventure & all-wheel drive fair in Bad Kissingen

  • Messe: Adventure & All-wheel drive fair in Bad Kissingen
  • Date: from 11.06 to 14.06.2020
  • Location: Bad Kissingen

Festival Eext (NL)

  • Messe: Dactyl Festival Eext (NL)
  • Date: 19.06. – 21.06.2020
  • Location: Eext (NL)

Adventure Southside Eigeltingen

  • Messe: Adventure Southside Eigeltingen
  • Date: from 10.07. – 12.07.2020
  • Location: Eigeltingen

Caravan Salon Fair in Düsseldorf

  • Messe: Caravan Salon Fair in Düsseldorf
  • Date: from 28.08. to 06.09.2020
  • Location: Düsseldorf

Caravan Live in Freiburg

  • Messe: Caravan Live in Freiburg
  • Date: from 01.10 – 04.10.
  • Location: Freiburg

Camping: Destinations, places, accessories – Tips & Information while camping

All those who are still looking for the right holiday, who love nature and want to take a break from everyday life should definitely think about going camping! For adventurers, there are many different regions that offer themselves for this. From Germany to Europe and the USA there are many beautiful places just waiting to be explored. You can decide if you want to travel in a camper or caravan, or if you prefer to sleep in a classic or roof tent. You can also choose to camp by the sea and beach, or in the desert and plan your route accordingly. Also for those who want to travel with pets or children, there are enough possibilities, which are arranged accordingly. Either way you will have an unforgettable time. Have a look at our recommendations for the best campsites in Germany and familiarize yourself with the camping topic with the help of our tips and tricks.
Once you’re well prepared and have planned and organised your trip individually, nothing will stand in the way of your holiday! You are flexible and you will have the best time of your life in the great outdoors and you can visit the most beautiful corners of the world. Camping guarantees you adventure, relaxation and an eventful time.