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Photography can be a beautiful hobby, a great passion or for some even the dream profession! But often most have no idea what should be considered. We have for you a list of top books, on the subject of photography and photography learning! Check them out and learn tips and tricks, for beginners or learning enthusiasts in the field of photo & Co.

10 Book Recommendations for Learning Photography

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1. the great photography course: learn to take better pictures (Galileo Design)

Jacqueline Esen

A photography school for all beginners of photography. A practical and easy introduction to the creative world of photography. Jacqueline Esen trains you and lets you get to know the world of photography better. She starts with the basics and explains the functions of a digital camera. You will learn more about proper focus, exposure and the interplay of light & color. Easy and understandable explanations – perfectly structured for the beginner in the field of photography.

Order now: The Great Photography Course: Learn to Take Better Pictures

2. the great photo school: digital photo practice (Galileo Design)

Christian Westphalen

A new and comprehensive photography manual, suitable for beginners as well as for advanced photographers. The basics of photography are explained in more detail, they learn about the technical aspect and get a good overview of how a digital camera works in the first place. In addition, the photographic practice is dealt with. How does the right lighting work, how do I work with flashes and which lens is suitable for which shots? All these questions are answered in an understandable way. A recommendable investment on the way to your photographic future!

Order now: The Great Photo School: Digital Photo Practice

3. learning to photograph (volume 2) image composition and picture language

Cora Banek, Georg Banek

In the three volumes “Learning Photography” the student or amateur/hobby photographer receives a good overview of the entire field of photography. Starting with the technical knowledge, through the creative knowledge to the understanding of contexts in photography. This volume takes a closer look at image design and visual language. An important aspect on the way to professional photography. The image design tools are explained in more detail by two experts and you will learn what effects you can achieve with them. This knowledge will enable you to develop your own style. A goal-oriented book for goal-oriented photography enthusiasts.

Order now: Learning to Photograph (Volume 2) Image Design and Visual Language

4. photos by recipe: step by step to the perfect photo: from the photo guru. Especially for beginners

Benjamin Jaworskyj

Benjamin Jaworskyj is a photo guru, he is often described in the scene as the star chef Jamie Oliver of photography. In his book he explains photography in a simple and understandable way, especially for beginners and amateur photographers. He gives an excellent step-by-step guide to nifty photo ideas and tricks that make an idea, no matter how complicated, simple to achieve. Recommended for all amateur photographers, both rank beginners and somewhat advanced amateurs. Grandiose and ingeniously explained.

Order now: Photos by Recipe: Step by Step to the Perfect Photo: From the Photo Guru. Especially for beginners

5. photographing faces

Georg Banek, Cora Banek

In portrait photography, of course, the model, his facial expressions and the changeability of the representation of emotions is crucial. These determine the quality and message of a picture. Every little thing, whether it is the distortion of the corners of the mouth, or the squinting of the eyes, change the message of the image. The photographer must try to “pull the trigger” at the right time to capture the perfect moment. In this book, the subtle features and differences of human facial expressions are explained and the communication with the model explained. The two successful photographers and authors convey their knowledge in an understandable way, so this book can be used by beginners. They give some good tips and support their explanations with example photos.

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6. fashion photography: basics, practice, techniques

Eliot Siegel

Fashion photography has its own rules. Of course, basic photography knowledge counts towards a fashion photographer’s education, but this particular genre has specific guidelines. Not every professional photographer is a good fashion photographer. If you really want to become successful in this industry, you have to find your individual style, but you can’t ignore the basic fundamentals. In this book, author and fashion photographer Eliot Siegel explains the basics of fashion photography and gives good tips for all amateurs who want to get a foothold in the industry.

Order now: Fashion Photography: Basics, Practice, Techniques

7. photographing models correctly – 1000 poses – the handbook for photographers and models

Eliot Siegel

An important part of a good fashion shoot and accordingly good fashion shots is the posing in front of the camera. For both the model and the photographer, it is important to know the good poses that put a woman in her outfit in the best light. Eliot Siegel explains in the individual chapters, among other things, how to choose the right model, the right lighting and the right posture. This book is an absolute must for photographers, designers and models.

Order now: Photographing models the right way – 1000 poses – the handbook for photographers and models

8th Light & Shoot: Fashion photography in practice

Chris Gatcum

In this book, the author uses 50 different photos and photographers to explain the lighting effects that a photographer can achieve through different lighting. The amateur learns what equipment he needs for the beginning and gets ingenious tricks regarding the light setting when photographing. Experienced photographers as well as newcomers talk about their experiences and tricks in fashion photography. They explain the differences between different locations and settings. Recommended book for beginners of (fashion) photography.

Order now: Light & Shoot: Fashion Photography in Practice

9. beauty photography

Mia Royal

Beauty photography is a very comprehensive and multi-faceted field within the industry. The beauty photographer must be knowledgeable in a variety of areas. In this book, the author explains the varied and exciting work as a beauty photographer and gives fancy tricks. She explains various topics, such as lighting, technique, styling, make-up, idea generation, marketing and retouching, using practical examples. This book gives a very good insight into beauty photography.

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10. the picture looks of the pros: creative picture styles with Photoshop and Lightroom


With this book you will become a professional in image editing. Give your pictures the right look. DomQuichotte gives tips and suggestions for a cool look, a specific theme and exceptional, good photos. He explains simple settings in the programs Photoshop, Lightroom or Camera Raw, through which you can improve their images. A recommended book for professional and amateur photographers and image editors.

Order now: The image looks of the pros: creative image styles with Photoshop and Lightroom

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