Book a model Berlin: Briefing, booking and model agency – that’s how it works

You are looking for a model in Berlin? Our model agency provides first-class models with experience, references and absolute ambition – all in one! But how does a module booking actually work? Our guide for your first booking in Berlin. Frame Collect information about the photo shoot:

Photoshooting appointment, location, team, rights of use & Co.

First, you should collect all the important frame information for the upcoming photo shoot in Berlin. The A & O is the ultimate customer. Who will use the photos at the end of production? This includes on the one hand the concrete date but also the start and end time of the photo shoot. For a booking to run without stress, the appointment should be at least 7 days in advance. Add to that the team of photographer, make-up artist (hair + make-up) and stylist. It is important for the model that a make-up artist is on site, own make-up is not welcome. Ideally, also a stylist. Both should be mentioned next to the photographer in the briefing.

Add to that the location, no matter if it is in Berlin-Mitte or in another city like Hamburg or Paris, for the planning of a modeling agency the knowledge about the place of production is important. Also for you as a customer the proximity of the models is very important and therefore a request should also contain the information about the shooting location. To this end, the rights of use should be precisely coordinated:

  • In which countries is something published?
  • How long will it be published there?
  • In what media is it published?

Production: Photos, Videos, Moderation & Co.

In the following, the job should be described, what is produced? Is it about a photo shoot, alone or with other models or video recordings or even moderation for TV / streaming or fairs. In addition, the rights of use of the recordings come. As far as rights of use (also buyouts) are concerned, there is a large list of possibilities, from social networks to the online shop to image brochures, pure internal use for employee training purposes or even marketing in the cinema and TV or on YouTube and streaming portals , The media should be detailed, as the usage rights for models are very important. A small example: If a shoot z.b. published only on an Instagram channel, for a year, the cost is much lower than if the shoot is used worldwide for an online store, 2 years. In the first briefing, always mention the complete, planned usage rights of the production.

Here is the most important information that you should send to a modeling agency if you want to book a model from Berlin:

  1. End customer – who uses the recordings
  2. Shooting appointment
  3. Shooting location
  4. Team – photographer, make-up artist, stylist
  5. Production (photo, video, moderation, etc.)
  6. Usage rights

Inquiry – How do I contact a modeling agency?

If you have gathered all the information and have no further questions, the best way is to send everything clean in an e-mail. This keeps the history from start to finish and makes it easier to send data. The e-mail will then arrive in the booking team of the modeling agency and will be processed promptly, since all the information already contained in the e-mail can be quickly made a selection.

If you have any questions about the shooting or model booking, it is advisable to call the agency. Every reputable modeling agency has a phone number but also several contact addresses for the different bookers and areas. Here you can pick the right contact person and contact you. Basically, contact via e-mail is recommended. The corresponding model agent will then report back, either with queries or with a first selection of suggestions.

Sedcards – What are the suggestions of a modeling agency?

When proposals for a photo shoot are sent, all sedcards are attached. The sedcard includes various photos of the models, a portrait, a whole body, once fashion, once sports, catwalk, a compilation of jobs that the model has already made. So the customer can quickly make an impression on the look of the model, but also gets all the information about the body size, chest, waist, hip, shoe size and of course hair and eye color.

The Sedcards are images (not PDF files), thus easy to open from the tablet, iPhone, PC or even notebook. With one click you can look at the next setcard and find your own favorites quickly and easily.

Booking Confirmation – The final details of the booking for model and production

If you have made your choice, it will go into the booking of the model. First, we will now discuss exactly what the job of the model is, what times are definitely fixed and what places. Likewise all conditions of use were discussed, now the booking confirmation can be written. After receiving the booking confirmation, you return a signed copy to the model agency, now the model is confirmed for you.

Cost – How much does a model booking cost?

The costs for models are very different, but in a reputable and established modeling agency you should always expect a four-figure amount, which is at least, when it comes to photo shoots and commercials. New Faces with a higher three-digit. New Faces are models that are at the very beginning of their careers and are still working on their portfolio. Smaller jobs and shows, where no photo use takes place (keyword usage rights) but also not a broad public, there are also slightly lower fees. Often also often new faces are booked, the first experiences must collect. Before working on a major fashion show, they first work together in showrooms to gain initial experience with designers and clients.

Overtime – What if a shoot takes longer?

The booking confirmation will already record the full duration of the photo shoot. There is a specific start time and a concrete end time. Between these times, the photo model is on the shooting set. Should a photo shoot take longer, Overtime will charge. Overtime is usually scheduled for one hour, which means every beginning hour is calculated. For most photo shoots, however, you have a 30-minute grace, so you can cover something. Should a shoot be covered for more than 30 minutes, the first hour of overtime will be noticed. There are usually two different models, a full-day booking, here is the model for 8 hours on the set, plus one hour break, which must be set between the 8 hours. On the other hand, there is a half-day booking, this is usually remunerated with 60 to 70% of the rule Gage. Since no other job will be possible that day, the payment is just over 50%. Overtime does not change the buyouts, they stay untouched.