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Hair Shampoo: Drugstore, High End, Olaplex & Silicone Free

Hair shampoo – You are looking for the right shampoo for your hair? With such a huge selection, not so easy. Whether expensive shampoos from the hairdresser or shampoos from the drugstore around the corner, your hair type plays a decisive role. Moisture, anti-frizz and nourishing oils are essential factors in your shampoo that affect […]

Hair care: tips, routine & healthy hair

Hair care – There are few ways to define your style and character as specifically as with a casual hairstyle. After all, a new haircut is often the first step when you feel like a change. In order to enjoy your haircut for a long time, the right care is the be-all and end-all. Because […]

Split ends: hair mask, trim & stranding

Split ends – Bye-Bye Split ends: Finally be split ends free ! Many women, including hair models, struggle with dry and damaged hair. This results in : split ends. It makes hair look unkempt, dull and frizzy. The whole thing can be caused by too much heat from blow dryers, straighteners and co. In this […]