Quantum Leap – Opel Astra commercial with CM + Making Of

Big premiere for our modelsSanja, Whoopy and Nicola: The new Opel commercial “Quantum Leap” – now on TV! In the commercial the new Opel Astra flies over cars of other manufacturers. Spectacularly staged to show what’s inside the new Astra! On board the new Opel Astra are premium features like LED Matrix lights and (wow) a massage seat! Along with many other innovations that “set the standard for the Astra in its class,” according to the automaker’s official Youtube spot. Our models Sanja, Whoopy and Nicola were on the set – with fun, ambition and attention to detail, a high-quality commercial with making of was created, in German and English.

You can find all information about the new Opel on:

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Quantum Leap – New Opel Astra flies / english version

Our models in the commercial for Opel Astra “Quantum Leap

The release on 06 September 2015 took place simultaneously on several channels, including TV (all major private channels), Youtube & Co. It featured Sanja, Nicola and Whoopy.




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