Oppo Mobile x Mariéme x Boris: urban style, colourful and Parisian life

Oppo Mobile – colorful, crazy, urban, Paris! The new Oppo Mobile campaign with Boris and Mariéme, takes place in the middle of Paris. Paris is one of the most popular cities in the modeling world. Paris Fashion Week, events, popular designers, lots of jobs and a lot of competition. Working in the city is an experience in itself! Boris and Mariéme had the great opportunity to shoot here in the city of Paris and make a cool and colorful campaign video. Watch the video here and see Boris and Mariéme perform top!

Oppo Mobile: new phone, colorful and custom designs

Here are the new commercials of Oppo Mobile! In the middle of Paris with Boris and Mariéme. Colorful and stylish with the new Oppo Mobile. Check out the new design of the phones and get inspired by the urban style.

Here are the photos of the new campaign with Mariéme and Boris: