New video for trueprodigy: Social media content

Do you already know trueprodigy? If not, then you missed a lot! The young label is now sold in more than 35 countries around the world. Of course there are the latest designs and collections also of trueprodigy on Amazon to buy. The young fashion brand is especially for his creative designs. Designed with time and love and worked by hand in the entire printing process! We are looking forward to working with you to show you some of the first video productions from our company. Since we also work with our customers in the field of social media in addition to the model agency, especially with Instagram and YouTube, with models and influencers, we are meanwhile more and more social media content as a media agency! The creative cooperation makes us especially fun and also our models. Here you can see some of the first new YouTube videos for the upcoming Autumn-Winter collection! You can find more about the label here, trueprodigy.

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Trueprodigy fashion videos for Youtube, Facebook & Instagram