Model Agency: Modeling part-time, is that possible?

Model agency on the side, is that possible? If you are looking for a job, have experience in the field of model booking and rights of use, then it is sometimes possible to work in a model agency in a part-time job. But most model agencies need you full-time. Why do I have to work full time in a model agency?

Working in a Model Agency

Especially in model agencies that have international customers, e.g. from London, or Milan, sometimes even from China, Japan, or the USA, the phone rings almost 7 days a week. It is therefore an advantage to be on site at least five days a week. In a part-time job, that means only one or two days, many model bookings are impossible. Information has to be exchanged constantly between colleagues, every week you would need a new briefing on what is important at the moment. If you want to work part-time, it works best in areas that are not related to everyday bookings, such as accounting or taxation. Here you can work excellently in a part-time job, e.g. for one or two days a week.