Model agency advertising: charisma and production

Model agency advertising – If you are looking for the right model agency for advertising, you have come to the right place! With renowned customer projects from Germany, Great Britain, the United States of America but also Italy or Japan, we are a reliable partner for all our customers. Not only do we make sure that the perfect model is found at the casting, we also take care of the handling of usage rights as well as travel planning and management. This means that clients always have the best and easiest access to strong models for advertising. No matter if it is the small image brochure for the B2B trade or the TV commercial, with broadcast in many countries or even worldwide in different formats, print posters on large city lights or even larger on billboard posters. With our model agency you have the perfect contact person!

Advertising and friendly charisma

Whether it is a photo shoot with a single model or a complex production with various protagonists but also extras who come to the set. Especially friendliness and a general charisma are very important when it comes to the photo shoot production. That is why it is so important for clients in the casting process not only to get to see different models, but also to know exactly the different and especially individual skills and knowledge. Because productions for advertising are not just about individuals. The sets quickly become more complicated. An example is family shoots where the couple in love, the child, the dog as well as the product have to harmonize at the perfect moment. Every time a person doesn’t fit the overall picture, for example because they wink at that moment, the photo can’t be used. That’s why it’s so important to have models with experience!

Timing of productions

Not only the appearance on the set is very important, also the punctuality and the preparation for the advertising production. After all, it is no longer just about photo shoots but often also about learning texts or roles. As a model you are no longer just “a beautiful person” but you also have to bring acting skills with you.

Model booking for advertising

With us you will find the perfect model for your new advertising production. Contact our team now and we will help you with casting, placement, calculation of usage rights but also with travel management if you wish. We are looking forward to your project request!