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Stylists & Make-Up Artists Company – Cocaine Modles specialists offer you the easiest placement process in Hamburg. In big cities like Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Munich the expert make-up artists and styling experts offer their extraordinary work. No walls are built around your creativity. Our services at a glance:

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From experience we know stylist is not stylist! Tasks in the fields of activity sometimes differ greatly from each other. The ability to work in a team, a communicative nature and to enjoy working with strangers on a daily basis are indispensable. For styling a well-known personality at an event, you need different skills than for a shooting, for example. On elaborate productions professional stylists bring their experience to the film set. Our agents on your call!

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Our staff will be happy to help you at any time if you want to book an excellent make-up artist or stylist in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. For your commercial or the next runway shows we recommend high quality hairstyling and make-up.

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As an agency we offer for renowned advertising agencies, videographers, beauty brands and production companies first-class make-up artists / hair stylists and make-up artists, in Hamburg. All our make-up artists and make-up artists place special emphasis on hygiene and quality. Also on de positive mood of Hamburg advertising production is . In matters of hair, make-up and styling our artists help event planners, advertising agencies and photographers. Increase the quality of your productions through workshops. Our make-up workshops are very popular in brands, from personal coaching to special workshop for fashion make-up. absolute benefit for in-house advertising productions. More about our media and advertising agency.

This is how you achieve the highest quality for yourself, all your clients. Focus. Focus completely on the business. Book our hair & makeup artists in too! Book our make-up artists in too: