Lisa visits Germany for two jobs and tests

Lisa is from Zurich, models all over Europe and is an incredibly charming girl! Anyone who books her for a commercial shoot or a video shoot will definitely be happy on set and with the results! Lisa was just in London and made a short detour to us in Germany. She had one booking that week and two the following week. Of course we used the time in between for test shoots! Among others with Alexei Bazdarev. Alexei Bazdarev is an excellent photographer and has already given many of our models one or his very own look for the sedcard! Alexei’s photos are colorful, loud and sexy. Immediately afterwards we went to the photo studio to make slow motion videos with Oliver Rudolph. Oliver Rudolph is also a fashion photographer and knows how to stage models! Absolutely natural and just as they are. If you want to know more about him, you can watch the latest photo series here and the new video on YouTube x CM Models!

Lisa: Fashion and beauty