Is real life as a model more exciting than Germanys Next Topmodel?

Wie Models leben, zeigt die TV-Sendung “Germanys Next Topmodel” nun schon seit über zehn Jahren. Jedes Jahr laden die Produzenten der TV-Produktion für Nachwuchsmodelle zum offenen Casting. Tausende junger Frauen und Mädchen stürmen zu den Castings in Deutschlands Metropolen. Natürlich schaffen nur wenige den Sprung in den Recall, noch weniger in die finalen Shows. Jedes Jahr entscheiden dann die Profis in der Model-Jury über die Zukunft der Mädchen. Der Auswahlprozess ist anspruchsvoll, bei hunderten, teilweise tausenden von Kandidaten ist wahrlich nicht einfach, sich für die Richtigen zu entscheiden. Besonders nach so kurzer Zeit. Wer gedacht hat das ist hart, liegt falsch. Das ist die ganz normale Branche. In Castings erfahren Models immer wieder Ablehnung. Seht euch außerdem unten die Youtube Videos an, was Ex-Kandidatinnen Maja und Aminata zum Model Leben und GNTM sagen!

Phenomenon and ambassador for model agencies

Differences at castings and in front of clients

Yeah, that’s right, auditions are tough. In real life, you often don’t have that much time to introduce yourself. Often all it takes is a name, a pose on the wall, a photo, “we’ll be in touch”. Especially for larger companies, online stores and corporations, casting is a quick turnaround process. A decision is also not made on the spot, but later in the team meeting, the customer appointment or the consultation with advertising agencies & Co. There is no catering, no music and no elaborate sets. Instead you’re in offices, rented warehouses or seminar rooms. Places that offer space for castings, but usually little charm.

Although Germanys Next Topmodel is a show, it reflects a lot of the modeling industry. Every casting gives you more self-confidence. Every challenge makes you braver and every shoot trains you to become better and more precise.

Model Coaching – Lutz Marquardt the Model Guru

Differences between photo shoots and sets

Large studios, bright, also large spotlights and always a helicopter, an elephant or a desert is available. You guessed it, not every photo shoot with a model is that breathtaking. Often sets are much smaller. Since there are no cameras, it is not worth the effort of setting up unnecessary equipment. This means that only what is needed is set up on the set. Speaking of needed, when do you need a helicopter for a shoot? Probably never. Most modeling jobs are in the commercial sector, especially in Germany. That means advertising, image films, online shops (or catalogues in the past). That is the main part. Editorials, i.e. photo spreads for magazines, are the exception and rarely pay much. For you as a model in Germany, magazines are more PR than a living. You should be able to live with that. If you are lucky enough to get a booking with a helicopter and burning motorcycles, you should be happy about the chance and go back to your daily modeling routine with new energy.

Differences in the everyday life of a model and in management

Feelings, emotions, insecurity – all this has little place in agency life. Anyone who wants to work professionally as a model and earn money is an entrepreneur. As with any self-employed entrepreneur, partners and customers should always be able to rely on the work of the model. Bookers of a model agency usually look after several models. In the everyday life of a model there is hardly time to discuss ‘small’ problems long. Often the management is in a different city than the model. Especially when you have made it into a model agency or model management, you have to compromise and leave your own feelings (professionally) aside. Although there are always situations where you can talk to your booking or other models, professionalism is the key. If you learn to control yourself, you can make a complete professional start. Only by long-term smooth, carefree booking work, you make it to the top model. Because of the time and space, the real life as a model is not quite as emotional as it is shown in many media.

Ex-GNTM contestants Maja and Aminata about the real model life

Here is a short video about GNTM and real model life. Ex-candidate Maja talks briefly about her own experiences and why she feels the real model life is harder than the show.

Conclusion: GNTM is a little insight

TV formats like “Germanys Next Topmodel” are not that far away from real life as a model. Of course, it’s on TV, which means the story, protagonists and sets have to fit and always be “new”. This high standard can only be met if everything is a little “over the top”. Nevertheless, GNTM gives the viewer a realistic, if exaggerated, insight when it comes to the workings of the modeling business. From the first agency casting, to the build-up, to the decisive moments. Those who stay on the ball long enough, who are professional at photo shoots and who can be relied on, can make it to the top model.

Interview with Aminata: her opinion about GNTM & Co.

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