Hayley Hasselhoff x CM! Curved Model from LA – now in Germany

Hayley Hasselhoff – Now on CM! Hayley Hasselhoff was discovered early as a curved model by Ford Models. Since then she has been working as a successful plus size model in the USA. Now Hayley wants to do more in Europe, especially in Germany, and that’s how we came together! The name “Hasselhoff” is a real trademark in Germany, reason enough for her to come to Germany a bit more often. She currently still lives in Los Angeles, but commutes more and more between LA and London. It’s not a far journey! We are really looking forward to her future and working with our team together! Here are some first video scenes and photos of Hayley – Welcome! Now in CM Curved!

Hayley: First Scenes

In this latest short video you will see Haley as a Curved Model, an absolute dream for every photographer and client! With her friendly manner, charisma and attitude she is a real role model, as you will see later in the interview scenes. Here is a little foretaste of what is to come.

This is Hayley: confident, strong and beautiful!

Hayley is an extraordinary young woman who has made Los Angeles her centre of life so far. She started modelling at the age of 14 and tried to change the beauty ideal of women. Now she represents that beauty ideal and made it on covers, fashion week and being seen in interviews!

The very first Curved Model on the Playboy cover

Hayley has made several appearances in Germany, for example at Berlin Fashion Week. In addition, Hailey was on the cover of Playboy as a Curved Model – the very first Curved Model ever.

Instagram and portfolio

Find more news, new photos and video from Hayley Hasselhoff on Instagram and of course on our Instagram Channel.

How to dress perfectly as a woman with curves?

It’s not just as a model that Hayley is a strong role model for young girls and confidence. On TV and YouTube, Hayley also gives tips for outfits, for feeling good.

Some people will know Hayley Hasselhoff from her father, David Hasselhoff. He used to be a very famous serial actor and singer. He conquered the charts with the song “I’ve been looking for freedom”, among others. He became famous worldwide through the series “Baywatch”, which still exists today. Especially in Germany, the name “Hasselhoff” is super famous.

Already 5 years ago, Lorraine spoke about her life and her work as a curved model. Here you can see it again in the interview on YouTube.

First photos and impressions

Here are some more first photos and impressions from Hayley’s portfolio.

Luke Wooden

Luke Wooden

Luke Wooden

Luke Wooden