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Young, attractiv and sporty – Chand is born in a country, where the most people directly thinks about IKEA, H&M or VOLVO. We present you the young swedish boy and his homecountry.

Chands model life in the capitol of Sweden

With a population nearly one million people, Stockholm is the capitol of sweden. Cute and beautiful, little houses decorate the oldest part of Stockholm, called Gamla Stan. Every one who thinks that the capitol can just convince with a bit of charm, thinks wrong. Since 1930 modern buildings were build and a lot of city parts were restored. The new skyline of Stockholm. Chand life here and started his model career. Now he works international as male model! Take a closer look at Chand:

Additionally the fashion indusrty takes part in Stockholm and in Sweden general. A lot of brand like the ACNE Studios, Cheap Monday or H&M are born in Sweden.

Chand – Malemodel from Sweden

New in our modeling agency: Chand. He is 73inch high and exhibited while different shootings his skills. His brown, long hair gives him a special and edgy look. Also his extemts are very good. (Breast 39inch, waist 30inch, hips 38inch) So welcome in our model agency Chand!

Chand ChandChand

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