Best 9 Restaurants in Los Angeles + Cheap, Fast or Vegan

Los Angeles – the city of movies and celebritys. If you are in Los Angeles for a modelling agency job, you really have to check out some of the hot spots. Following you will find our best restaurant tips in LA from vegan to fast food.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles for models

Maybe you heard something befor about the following hotspots. If you dind’t you really have to take some time on yout trip to eat at some of them. They are all a visit worth and all of them are very special because of their big variety of vegan food which is healthy and yummy at the same time! You will find the fast food restaurants and the cheap ones below!

Cafe Gratitude: Feel almost like vegan Eden

639 N Larchmont Blvd
CA 90004

All of LA’s Cafe Gratitude locations feel almost like vegan Eden, full of a cheerful wait staff, diners with perfect postures and glowing skin and dishes that are affirmations themselves, so you will have to declare, “I Am Thriving,” to order the soup of the day. It’s true: When the server takes your order, they will ask you, “What are you grateful for today?” and you will feel compelled to answer. Embrace it, because the bright, perfectly composed food will have you coming back. If you’re feeling especially in tune with the world, you can order the I Am Grateful, the simple but delicious “community bowl” of kale, quinoa, black beans and garlic-tahini sauce.

Cruzer Pizza: 100% meat-and-dairy free pizza

4449 Prospect Ave
CA 90027

Old-school vegans couldn’t have dreamt of such a place: A 100% meat-and-dairy free pizza parlor that’s also gluten-free (wheat dough is available upon request). And this is no sleek and modern spot, slinging words like “artisanal” and “local”—this is a joint, a tiny shop staffed with fresh-mouthed dough slingers.

SunCafe: NY Raw and vegan-cooked food

10820 Ventura Blvd
CA 91604

Serving both raw and vegan-cooked food and making almost everything from scratch, SunCafe has become a favorite among Valley dwellers—and vegans across the city—for healthy lunch and dinner options. The casual spot on Ventura Boulevard has your standard soups and salads, sure, but there are also burgers made with sunflower seeds, BLTs with tempeh bacon, and zucchini lasagna.

Next! Find The Best Fast Food Restaurants

Maybe you heard something befor about the following Restaurants. If you didn’t you should definitly take some time to visit them even if it’s not the typically model food. Sometimes you have to take some cheat meals especially in a country like USA – the home of Fast Food.

In N Out: Burgers, fries and grilled cheese sandwiches

7009 Sunset Blvd
CA 90028

Could a fast food list exist without this beloved fast food establishment? Of course not. To the envious other states that don’t have In-N-Out, this fast food chain boasts itself as California’s first drive-thru, which opened in 1945 in Baldwin Park, located in San Gabriel Valley. Now famed for their burgers, fries and grilled cheese sandwiches, patrons here love to order some of the more secretive items that aren’t on the menu.

Chick-fil-A for chicken sandwiches and crisscut fries

3758 S Figueroa St
CA 90007

This quick service fast food restaurant chain is known for their chicken sandwiches and crisscut fries. Famous for their religious rule of being closed on Sundays, lovers of this chain don’t seem to mind they can’t get their chicken sandwich fix on the lord’s day. Aside from making tasty chicken sandwiches, this fast food spot is known for great customer service too.

Fatburger! Damn good mouthwatering burgers in New YOrk

888 S Figueroa St
CA 90017

With locations around LA, Fatburger easily makes our list for their mouthwatering burgers. You may think that a place that names itself “Fatburger” caters to the unhealthy, but this fast casual restaurant chain cooks their food made to order and is surprisingly not that unhealthy if you order the right things. The burgers, which you can get cooked on the char, are simply divine. With fresh 100% pure lean beef, patrons select what size (S, M, L, XXL, XXXL) they want, which then determines whether you want anywhere between a 2.5 oz burger or a 24 oz burger. Then, choose whatever fixings you want, like grilled onions, shredded lettuce, mushrooms and more, and your burger comes out within 5 minutes.

Ein von FATBURGER (@fatburger) gepostetes Foto am

Best Cheap Eats Restaurants: Save Money in NYC!

You want to eat good but also as cheap as possible during your trip? So here i have the best cheap eats in Los Angeles for you!

Leo’s Tacos Truck – Must have if you travel to New York as model

1515 S La Brea Ave
CA 90019

The al pastor taco at Tacos Leo is a thing of beautiful simplicity: A tortilla, a few thin slices of tender, marinated al pastor shaved off a rotating spit, and a critical bit of pineapple, flicked on top by a knife-wielding taquero. There’s nothing else needed other than maybe, maybe, a squeeze of lime. At a buck each, there’s enough loose change in your pocket for a few more. Happiness, it seems, comes cheap.

Philippe’s meaty French dip sandwiches

1001 Alameda St
CA 90012

Sometimes you have to pick a side—and in the battle between Philippe’s and Cole’s, we choose Philippe’s. The iconic café has been selling beautiful, meaty French dip sandwiches at its original location since 1951, where you can still snag the roast beef staple served on a French roll dipped in just $7.60.

COFAX – Nice breakfast, no $10

440 N Fairfax Ave
CA 90036

Cofax bills itself as a coffee shop, which is true—you can get great brew from Stumptown here, along with house-made doughnuts and pastries. But the main draw at this Fairfax locale is its breakfast burrito, particularly the veggie option. Onions, peppers, cheese, eggs and perfectly smoked potatoes are stuffed inside a freshly grilled tortilla, accompanied by tangy red and green sauces for a hefty breakfast that’ll have you rolling out the door—no regrets. $6.50.