Basic Knowledge for Models – Backstage at Youtube Video Shooting

In the career of models, there are a lot of different jobs. From beauty shoots to catwalks there is a big variety and as a model, it is always important and interesting to know what waits for you at the next job. For video shootings, there are some basics that are important to know. We made a summary for you about our recent Youtube video shoot on how a video shooting works, what happens and about all the information that you need if you want to prepare for the next shoot that you attend at.

Know How and Informations you need

No matter what company or customer your shooting for there are always basic steps for the model, the photographer/videographer and the production team to check. We had a shooting for a customer that wanted to advertise their products (in this case variations of shoes) on different internet platforms like Instagram and Youtube. Before the actual shooting can be held the company that you are shooting with will make a storyboard, that will be used as the guideline during the shooting. For this shooting, it showed the different moods and also the outfit and storyline of what had to be said about the shoes. At our shooting, there was no script, but it still had pieces of information for the model what kind words for the shoe and look she advertised for. The important things about a video shoot are:

  • The videographer & team
  • What kind of advertisement
  • Place and studio or set
  • Storyboard/guidelines
  • Adjustments (light, camera, tone)
  • Preparation of the model

Basic Adjustments to Video Shooting

The Basic Adjustment is made by the team and the videographer. The model has to get in the place so that everything can be adapted. For the production that we took you with us, the background was already prepared. The set showed a feeling of a nice and plain furnished room, perfect for a youtube video shooting. Important is that the set shows an authentic look with daylight or soft natural lighting. The background should be realistic but without any major distractions, so that the focus lies on the model and the products. The videographer and the crew get the model in the position and check the major important adjustments. The light has to be set up, cameras and the tone-setting need to be correctly arranged. If that is all checked and set up the video shooting can be started.

Backstage the Production with Storyboard and Guidelines for the Video Shooting

Model Preparations and Basics you need to know

As a model, you sometimes need to do more than just show up to the set to shot. Depending on what the video shooting is for and which customer, you need to prepare outfits make-up etc. yourself. The company that you are shooting with tells you all the details and if you need preparation. At video shootings you need to At our shoot, our model had to bring outfits (that were before chosen to the mood of each setting and shoe that were advertised). If you need to bring outfits always consider that they should work with the shoe (or product) that will be shown, but still, don’t distract and avert the viewer from it. Depending on what kind of shoot the model comes with make-up or will be made-up by a make-up artist and with the same thing for the hair. Video Shootings can go up for several days with consideration on what the company/customer is looking for in the end product.

Model Guideline Video Shoot for Youtube & Instagram

The shooting went all day and the model had outfit changes for each different shoe. The videos were taken by our photo and videographer Oliver Rudolph. There were different lengths of the videos, teasers and longer videos for the different internet platforms. The model gets the storyboard or guidelines and the video clips will be taken. For the Youtube video the model was sitting in one place, but also had video shots were the shoes are shown in detail or worn. These are important and basics every model need to think about when preparing for video shootings:

  • Preparation (who is the customer, what is advertised, watch example shoot as information)
  • Hair/make-up (Are there stylists?)
  • Outfits
  • Storyboard compliance
  • Good & authentic presentation of the product
  • Well-groomed appearance & natural look
  • Different versions of the presentation