Anusha – Sportswear, Leggings, Gymwear: Advertising for Teveo!

Anusha – We can’t get enough of her! Our newcomer Curvy Model is just taking off, that’s what our customers notice too. The sportswear brand Teveo was so enthusiastic about Anusha’s look that it was clear to them: Anusha has to be part of their next Instagram shoot in Hamburg.

Teveo Gymwear: Anusha in sport leggings & new collection

Teveo makes classic sports fashion in all sizes and colors. Beautiful sports leggings in yellow, blue, black, grey or pink. Anusha is to showcase Teveo’s upcoming pieces for their Instagram channel and can be seen wearing the different colored new “Ribbed Collection” on Teveo’s Instagram channel. See photos of Anusha’s job for Teveo and parts of the new collection here!

Pictures of Anusha in Teveo Fashion