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Heute war es soweit, nach vielen Wochen der Vorbereitung erscheint das neue Video von WUNDERKYND. Das wir ein kleiner Teil der Kampagne sind hat uns unglaublich geehrt. Wir hatten nur 48 Stunden Zeit und mussten uns sehr viel Mühe geben, doch heute war es endlich soweit. Pünktlich zum Video – alles komplett in trockenen Tüchern. Und Montag, ist es soweit!

Today there is one in the foreground: WUNDERKYND. With his new video “Zungenkuss” he has real summer hit potential! With a new look, rough style and relaxed baseline for the perfect summer. Here it is finally, the video premiere of “French Kiss”, have fun! Available on Amazon & Co.

Los Angelos, Cologne, Summer Hit

From not even two days we came together spontaneously through a shoot. And as it is among creative people, the first ideas were put on paper immediately. “French Kiss” has really flashed us and we have found a great joint project: A rockstar shooting with WUNDERKYND for the summer song. The plan was clear and unambiguous: We bring people together in the summer, through kisses and selfies!

The spontaneity and freedom made the collaboration very good, from the first concept to the implementation of the designs and websites. Collecting ideas, putting them into small concepts, you can make them happen.

More about action with Wunderkynd you can find here

WUNDERKYND video premiere

How long did we have to wait for the first music video from WUNDERKYND? How long did we have to wait for the second video of WUNDERKYND? Too long. But the wait, it has an end, with Bang: “Zungenkuss” – the new single!

Now it is so far. The second single from WUNDERKYND ‘s EP “Damenrad” was filmed in Los Angeles, in the south of the United States. Of course LA gives the music video a very special summer look. Endless palm trees and the sun, beautiful girls, a car and everything you need for a good summer day. Besides the music, it’s the atmosphere that makes the song.

From Monday, Kiss + Selfie Challenge

You win a top-class shoot with WUNDERKYND, great photographers, retouch, styling and everything that goes with it. Grab your smartphone, your friend and enter! Tag your selfie with #tonguekiss @wunderkynd and win a rockstar shoot with WUNDERKYND!

Watch the new music video of WUNDERKYND and choose one of the 3 scenes in the music video! Surprise your friend spontaneously with a kiss + selfie. No matter if Facebook or Instagram: Tag your selfie with #zungenkuss @wunderkynd and you’re entered to win! We will announce the winner on May 16.

Here’s how

  1. Watch the TONGUE KISS video from WUNDERKYND
  2. Choose one of 3 situations in the video (car, city, park)
  3. Surprise your friend with a wild kiss + selfie from the video
  4. Share your selfie with #tonguekiss @wunderkynd on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Win a Rockstar Shooting with Styling, Dress, Location, Champagne

Grab your smartphone and be there!

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