Top 25+1 Instagram Fashion Bloggers – It’s all about fashion!

Who are the top 25+1 fashion bloggers on Instagram? After asking ourselves which fashion labels make it onto the hot list, this Friday we asked ourselves who are the top bloggers: Here’s the answer! Among other things, we took into account the current trends in the social network, follower numbers, but also the topicality of the blog entries.

Top Instagramer & Newcomer


website: carodaur

Caroline Daur is one of the top bloggers in Germany. With over 950 thousand followers, the young blonde shares her lifestyle, outfits & Co. Among other things, she also models for Dolce & Gabbana.



Milena Karl is one of the most successful bloggers with 429k. Her roots are in Russia, she lives in Hamburg and works internationally.

can’t stop thinking about ? it’s just the biggest lovestory ?? #Dior #Paris

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Instagram: luisalion

Luisa Lion is one of the most successful bloggers in Germany with over 186k subscribers. She grew up in Hamburg, studied in Munich and lives partly in LA with her own green card.

Topics by luisalion: Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Fitness



Webiste: /

Leonie Hanne, better known as ohhcouture has been running her Instagram profile for a few years now with over 921k followers. She is from Germany and travels the world with her fashion blog.


Links: inspiredbydzeni

The blogger inspires outfits with fashion posts on her Instagram account to 340k subscribers.

????? #volksgarten #vienna #wien #berlin #cologne #linz #igersvienna #fashionblogger #fashiongirl #styleupyourlife #inspired

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Vicky Healer

Instagram: /

The Austrian covers fashion, food and travel on her Instagram blog. She also writes regular articles on the website

b o n j o u r . Le weekend ❤ #travelwithvicky

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Kenzas Zouiten


Kenzas is a world renowned fashion and travel blogger. She also has her own fashion label called IVY REVEL.

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Tobias Wolf

website: tobiaswolf /

Tobias is a successful travel and lifestyle blogger with 244k subscribers. With his wife Maren, he shares daily vlogs on Youtube with half a million followers.

Help . ! I need your questions ! Today I’m shooting a new AskTobi ❕ lets go –

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Evangelie Smyrniotaki


Evangelie writes about fashion and travel. She inspires over 124K people with her minimalist images.




The blonde successfully shares pictures from her life. Among other things, food pictures, beauty pictures and fitness tips belong to Maren’s repertoire.

Don’t let me down ?

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website: angelo.carlucci

Influencer, blogger, actor and model Angelo successfully shares his exciting life with nearly 300,000 followers.


Dana from howimetmyoutfit is a style and lifestyle blogger from Cologne. She regularly presents her life to her 116k subscribers.

New hair ?? by one and only @don_linh ❤? Thanks again!!! -> btw, check out his Insta for a lot of cool pics!!! ?#newhair

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Instagram: mashasedgwick

Masha Sedgwick is a very successful fashion blogger and lives in Berlin when she is not traveling. She has a total of 100k subscribers.

Topics by mashasedgwick: Fashion, Travel, Food



Instagram: si_sichen /

The Dusseldorf-based blogger travels the world and shares her life as a blogger with 216 thousand people.

off to the city of #Marrakech ??? w/ @stevemaddeneu & the girls ? #stevemaddeneu #imwithsteve

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Vanessa Worth


Vanessa writes on her blog mainly about fashion and fitness, but also partly about her travels and events.

Topics of Vaness: Fashion, Fitness, Events


Dress Girl

Instagram: kleidermaedchen

Jessy has been running her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog on Instagram and since 2012.


Instagram: salomesylvana

Salomé Sylvana lives in Cologne and runs a Youtube channel on the side. She currently has over 53 thousand subscribers.

Topics by salomesylvana: Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle and Beauty



Left: linakottutz/

Carolin aka linakottuz regularly posts lifestyle and wanderlust pictures. With around 54k followers, she belongs to a young generation of bloggers.

??? #LDN

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Links: kickiyangz

The vegan Asian shares fashion tips with 58,000 people and shares her Youtube videos. She is also an ASOS Insider and regularly shows different outfit combinations.

thrifted a pair of funky pants ?

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Sylvia Haghjoo


Variety of topics in a class of its own. Sylvia writes about fashion, interior, beauty, travel, lifestyle, events and much more.

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Yoyo Cao


Yoyo is a blogger and designer. She currently has 177 thousand subscribers.

A photo posted by YOYO CAO (@yoyokulala) on am.


Instagram: iamgalla

Adam Gallagher lives in NY and is 24 years old. He has 1.6 million subscribers at this point.

Topics by iamgalla: Men’s Fashion,Food, Lifestyle, Travel



Instagram: sincerelyjules

Julie Sarinana has 3.2 million subscribers and more than 3,650 posts on her Instagram page. Besides her blog page, she also has her own shop.

Topics by sincerelyjules: Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty

Yesterday in short shorts ❤

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Gizele Oliveira


Gizele is a model who blogs about her travels and experiences on shoots and jobs.

# too close # #selfie #stockholm #??

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Victoria is a Youtuber and reaches more than 717K people on Instagram alone! She focuses on topics like travel, beauty and style.

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Instagram: igawysocka

Polish fashion blogger Iga Wysocka is 20 years old and studies dietetics. She loves photography, art and music. She has 24, 5 thousand subscribers on Instagram.

igawysocka themes: fashion, beauty

Czy ja już wspominałam jak kocham takie wysokościowe atrakcje? ?? #london #happiness

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Instagram: marianodivaio

Italian-born Mariano Di Vaio has already discovered many talents for himself. His passion is blogging, modeling but also acting. With 4.4 million subscribers, he is one of the most influential men with a blog.

Topics by marianodivaio: Men’s Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness

Throwback #Miami .. ♪ It feels like a while ago ♪ ? good night my lovers ! I love you ❤

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Camille Charrière


Camille is Parisian and lives in London. She blogs about her outfits, shopping and lifestyle.

Wavers ??〰

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Instagram: eleonoraarico

Eleonora Arico posts beautiful pictures and great articles. The Italian loves to travel around, but also likes to stay in her beloved home country.

Topics by eleonoraarico: Lifestyle, Fashion, Photography



Instagram: rsimacourbe

The Frenchman Raphaël Spezzotto- Simacourbe knows directly what is in the world of men’s fashion and where it is the most beautiful life. He has the best holiday ideas and knows the best hotels for an unforgettable stay.

Topics by rsmiacourbe: travel, men’s fashion, food



Instagram: cocos_wonderland

Carolin, better known as cocos_wonderland, is a blogger and editor. She regularly shares pictures with her 64 thousand subscribers.

Peeps there’s a new post up on Happy Thursday? ? by @Kim.wilfriedsson ?

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Natalie Joos


She herself says her blog is about stories with friends, love, vintage, music and life.

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Instagram: lenaterlutter

Lena Terlutter already has 4 boutiques of her own in Cologne. She knows what she is doing and is always passionate about her work. As a mother and wife she nevertheless gets everything under one hat.

Topics by lenaterlutter: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Thank you so much @piaget for the perfect #LA experience #spiritbypiaget ?

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Instagram: hoardoftrends

Full-time blogger and self-proclaimed “machaholic”, named Magdalena, shares her daily experiences with around 80k subscribers.


Instagram: notjessfashion

Based in New York, Jessica is always inspired by the most amazing things, countries or just on a whim. With her Asian roots, she inspires her followers every day.

Topics by notjessfashion: Food, Fashion, Lifestyle

Island essentials aka coconut water and rum ? #liketkit

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Margaret Zhang


Margaret shares her travels as a model on her blog and shows off her favorite looks.



Instagram: ellemayleckenby

Elle- May Leckenby is just 22 years old, but her pictures already look quite extraordinary and sophisticated. Elle- May comes from Australia and is a real inspiration.

Topics by ellemayleckenby: Fashion, Photography, Culture



Instagram: alexcentomo

Alex Centomo never stays in the same place for a long time, but she enjoys her life to the fullest. You can also find her on Youtube, where she already has many subscribers and has different videos on all kinds of topics.

Topics by alexcentomo: fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel

Uploaded a new video about how to clear up your skin fast after travelling! Link is in my bio??// #revolveme

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Julie Sarinana


The lovely Julie Sarinana writes and blogs about fashion and all things that make her happy.



Instagram: kristinsundberg

Kristin Sundberg, also known as Kiki, is super fashion conscious and a real motivation for all fitness fanatics. She has posted many a stunning picture.

Topics by kristinunderberg: Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, Travel

Don’t forget to visit my blog for much more updates ?

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Instagram: kiamisu

Kim Ahren’s second passion besides blogging is YouTube. The 24-year-old lives in Kassel and has lots of outfit ideas. She currently has 12.5 thousand subscribers on Instagram.

Topics by kiamisu_: fashion, beauty, travel

Why are bloggers and influencers so successful?

Bloggers have taken over the fashion world. Since the first beginnings 10 years ago on YouTube and the further development with Instagram about five years ago, the world of bloggers has changed extremely. Before that, the first blogs were websites, bloggers wrote daily or weekly about new outfit trends, gave make-up or styling tips. Today, thanks to smartphones like the iPhone, good cameras and Instagram, you can constantly give new inspiration, all without elaborate texts. That’s what makes Instagram so popular! Whether it’s fashion tips for spring, summer, fall or winter, styling tips for the evening or just a bit of entertainment from our favorite blogger in the Stories.

Front row at every fashion show: fashion bloggers & Instagram stars

Some bloggers reach over 100,000 people, some even a million, so they have an extremely important voice when it comes to fashion and trends. Did you know that Vogue (Germany) reaches 120,000 people with every issue? You can see how important Instagram has become for the fashion world. As a result, fashion shows have also changed, nowadays it’s not necessarily celebrities and VIPs sitting in the front row but mainly young Instagram stars with their cameras. They capture the new collections, give an honest and direct assessment and take their front rowers directly and live to the shows.

Designers swear by bloggers and now many bloggers bring out their own fashion collection, which they market successfully. It doesn’t just have to be about fashion, other accessories also work or perfume. Shirin David, one of the most famous German Youtubers, completely sold out of her perfume after only three months. All this without a big advertising budget, just through her followers. This shows how valuable bloggers are, even in self-promotion. More and more companies are working with them, not just fashion companies anymore. Also more and more established companies as well as insurances or automotive companies are looking for bloggers to promote their own brand to a young target group.

How much do bloggers earn on Instagram, YouTube and with online blogs?

The blogger’s income differs according to the network, i.e. according to the complexity of the production, the frequency of the postings, but also according to the own brand, i.e. the own awareness. The better known a blogger is, the higher the probability that other bloggers or media such as magazines will also take over his content. This of course brings the booking customers additional scattering effects and possible new customers.

An Instagram post brings about 10-15% of a YouTube video. In return, the Instagram photo is much easier to produce. Those who have a written blog are also paid by reach. So are bloggers on social media. For businesses, Youtuber and written blogs are more interesting. On written blogs you can get links, these links then lead directly on the online store and provide new sales week after week. It is the same with a Youtube video, once the Youtube video is successful it reaches many people once but also for weeks, months and sometimes even years to come. This makes YouTube and written blogs very interesting for customers. Instagram, however, also has its market, here it is especially about trends and a permanent presence of your own brand with a young target group. With 100,000 fans, you can already ask €1,000 per image, more or less depending on the negotiation. For a good YouTube placement, that is also permanent and not just a short moment, you pay as an advertiser already once 7,000 to 10,000 €. But then there are not only the posts on Instagram, but also the Stories. In addition, influencers or bloggers are often booked for events. A very simple example, a new fashion center opens or a new outlet center, but also restaurants, clubs and events are always hot for photos of bloggers.