Oliver Rudolph: Portrait, Fashion and Commercial Photographer

Oliver Rudolph, 26 years young and from Cologne, has been working as a photographer for eight years. He discovered his passion by chance and thus started as an event photographer in the industry. Not exactly an easy start, since a high willingness to work for little money is often expected. But it didn’t stay that way for long. Oliver tried his hand at other areas of photography such as editorial, beauty or commercial. This allowed him to develop quickly. High goals and role models with a higher level of photography have always been part of his profession. These spurred him on again and again and brought him to the point where he is now.

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New York, Milan, Tokoyo, Paris & London – Fashion Photographer Oliver Rudolph Has High Goals

Five years ago, he would never have expected to grow so quickly as a photographer. Of course, Oliver Rudolph still has great role models and high goals today. Someday he would like to travel to Tokyo and shoot in the most beautiful locations there. To be successful in the photography business, a high willingness to perform is required. Often a 7-day week is standard – there is hardly much free time left. No problem for Oliver, because he lives for his profession. You notice this especially if you have been to one of his shootings. He always tries to create a relaxed atmosphere to work in, so that especially the model feels comfortable in front of the camera. He focuses on capturing the inner radiance in the pictures. Especially for this a relaxed and friendly relationship with his models is important. Furthermore, patience plays an enormous role for him, because so far no one has managed to shoot the perfect photo at the first go. But this is needed in this tough business.


In addition to magazine publications or customer campaigns, his photos can also be seen on his social media channels. For Oliver, this is a very important presentation opportunity, because it allows him to expand his customer network. One of Oliver’s dreams is to have Miranda Keer in front of his camera, preferably in a light-flooded, clean location, because that’s how he loves to shoot. In the studio he usually only shoots application photos. However, knowing him, he will still try out a lot and climb the career ladder further up.

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Oliver Rudolph – a name to remember.

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