New labels you have to know at the NY Fashion Week

The fashion industry is a chimeric and mercurial beast that can be difficult to keep up with and never tamed. For those who follow the fashion industry, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and be aware newest trends, the latest hot designers, and buzzing labels. This necessity is never as prevalent as during New York’s Fashion Week when all the biggest and best designers display their new lineups for the upcoming season. The difference between being seen as in the loop or last season could very well come down to immediate recall of a single label taking the design world by storm. These are the ten you need to know.

Kerby Jean-Raymond – FGI Rising Star Award Winner

Kerby Jean-Raymond, the prodigy fashion designer who burst onto the scene while still in High School in 2001, is back at it again. Traditionally, Jean-Raymond is known for his menswear, even nabbing a 2014 FGI Rising Star Award. This time, he will be unveiling a new line of women’s clothes—much to the delight of female fashionistas everywhere. Just as exciting will be whether he makes another noteworthy social statement during his show.

Flagpole Swim – Innovative fashion

Finding the right bathing suit can be a struggle. Without a great deal of fabric, designers are often stretched to their limits to find innovative ways of making you look the best without hardly anything on at all. Megan Balch and Jamie Barker have done just that with designs that highlight in all the right ways while still bringing their elegant, yet bold, style to the fore.

Max Gengos fka jenn-joss

Max Gengos (pronounce jenn-joss) is a firm believer that you can look both professional and chic at the same time. His designs use artisanal fabrics and somewhat conservative architecture, but they provide a sense of luxury that is undeniable. Moreover, they are made to last. His recent convert, Kylie Jenner, has only further pushed his motif into legitimacy.

Have you heard about “Ground Zero”?

Ground Zero is known for pushing the boundaries and striking gold on the other side. The label’s designs can be found everywhere on Instagram and often into the works of creative directors as well. Still, whenever your designs are predicated on making bold fashion statements, there is always the chance it could fall flat. However, Philip and Eri Chu’s eyes are rarely off the mark, so look for this lineup to hit the target.

Monse – Young couture

Another fairly young label, Monse, carries with it the pedigree of Oscar de la Renta from designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia who will also be taking over the venerable line. Known for blending the exquisite with the functional, this duo returns to the New York Fashion week on full sails. Will their trend of precise stripes and sequins combined with elaborate shirts and dresses continue?

Brandon Maxwell – Known from Lady Gaga

Known for providing Lady Gaga numerous looks to give her unique aesthetic, Brandon Maxwell continues his meteoric rise in the fashion industry. With only three collections thus far, he is still relatively new as a major player in fashion. However, the support he has garnered from some of the biggest names in fashion, like Naomi Campbell and Alex Wang, only further points to continued success.

Alison Lou – Fashion by Alison Chemla

Alison Lou is the ingenious brainchild of Alison Chemla who observed the emergent evolution of communication in the modern world. Inspired by the ability to express so much or nothing at all with a single symbol, Alison’s emoji-inspired jewelry has found its way onto the hottest stars and a place in our heart.

Self-Portrait – First New York Fashion Week

Self-Portrait is preparing for its first ever New York Fashion Week. You need to know about this brand, because it is poised to take over the fashion industry and real world. Han Chong’s designs are worn by stars on the red carpet and often include elaborate lacework or sheer layers of pure elegance. However, it is the price point, between $500-$600, that has this label ticking like a time bomb set to blow up.

M. Martin by Alex Gilbert and Jennifer Noyes

M. Martin may still be a fairly new label, but Alex Gilbert and Jennifer Noyes are betting on its appeal to the comfortable as a foundation upon which they can build. Touted as “hostess pajamas,” the M. Martin line favors loose, slouchy designs to fill the sophisticated, yet comfortable, niche that is maddeningly difficult do with class. After some potential missteps with previous lines, the duo has hit the season strong with vintage-inspired looks that come across as cool instead of pretentious.

Tracy Feith – Warm clothing for cold nights

Coming off of a strong Spring lineup, Tracy Feith seeks to keep that success rolling for his Warm label with his Fall lineup. Still, after keeping fans waiting for four years, Warm looks to place Feith back at the top of the list of must-know, must-have designers. Wanting to capture some of the feeling from the label’s first run, Feith even set up a small boutique outlet of the same name to cater and sell his exciting new lines.

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