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To work as a successful model in Munich, you have to master more than just good looks! The job of the model is not only the flawless appearance, and well-groomed appearance, from the hair tips to the feet. The job also includes improvisation, acting and elegance. Of course, there are many more factors for successful models in Munich, but these are the absolute basics. What matters is your charisma. Many models are attracted to Munich. The Bavarian metropolis is known in Germany and worldwide for its quality awareness. Its the fine fashion boutiques on Leopold Street or famous carmakers who have carried the reputation of the city out into the world. As there are numerous international brands in Munich, there are of course also many advertising agencies, PR and marketing in Munich. All of these areas need talented models to stage advertising and products that know how to sell a product in a visually appealing way. Part of the profession of the model is that you have different talents, you train and develop! Here you can find more about our modeling agency.

Application, Test Shooting, Castings, Jobs: Models in Munich

The classic entry into the modeling career always involves an application in a modeling agency. Model agencies not only help you find the right jobs and contacts, they also support you in your career and in your path. Most models start with mediated test shoots of their agencies, with renowned photographers. Here you can prove yourself as a model for the first time! It depends on your posing but also on your facial expressions. You can show how changeable you are and how diverse you can be. But you can also prove that you are on the photoshoot set with motivation and ambition.

Do I need a professional photo shoot for my agency application?

Many ask us if you need a finished shooting set for the first application in a modeling agency? The answer is “no”. To promote yourself in one of the big and reputable modeling agencies, you do not need expensive stretching by a photographer. All you need are simple Polaroids. In the term Polaroid you must not think of the classic photos, but of photos that represent you as naturally as possible. Based on these natural photos, many casting agencies and clients make their decision when it comes to model booking for commercials and shootings. With the natural photos you then apply in the agency. You do not have to print the photos, most agencies today prefer applications that are sent online anyway. Naturalness always has a very high priority for you as a model, right from the beginning.

Besides your photos, all you need is your measurements and contact details. Modeling agencies just give you this little information of yours to get a first impression. Especially the model scouts in an agency are very trained with their eyes and can quickly judge whether you can bring it as a model for the respective customer base far or not.

Cancellations must never scare you! No matter if agency, casting or job

Most models have already received cancellations from modeling agencies. It’s not always about you or your look. Often your type may already be in the agency or two, three other new faces, which also take a long time to build. So, if you apply, at the wrong time, so to speak, you may not get a commitment even though you are perfect. Model agencies receive hundreds of applications every day, so individual and personal rejections are often not possible. As a model, rejections, no matter from whom, can never drag you down. Cancellations are one of them and will be part of your everyday life even if you work as a model later. Promised. Think only of the various requests from customers who simultaneously request multiple agencies, each of which again propose several of their models. The customer will end up with twenty, thirty, forty different options. If you get a job, it can often take a few queries.

Competition at Model Castings in Munich

Even if you go to the first model castings later, you will see that the competition in Munich is very big! Especially in the metropolises such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne, many models are at home. Because many of the models study casually. Therefore, you try to combine career and study optimally and move directly to the big cities. There are not only opportunities to go out there, as you can do in many corners of Munich. In the German metropolises one has also directly the best jobs and the best customers! Competitive situations will therefore always be part of you, if you work as a model. There is no way around here. The better you get along with it, the sooner you will have your smile back.

Modeling for big advertising campaigns and jobs

At some point you have gained enough experience and can not just insist on small showrooms and photo shoots. You can also use your talent to get bigger campaigns and jobs in Munich. Especially in Munich, not only many advertising agencies and production companies are at home. Munich has another big advantage for models: Many of the magazines and editorial offices are at home here. Of course, as a model, one of the most important goals is to be reprinted sometime in the magazines. Although we all live in the digital world today, magazines still have great charm for many models and for many agencies. Also, the external effect on third persons is very large if you have magazine photo galleries in your model portfolio. Photo spreads from magazines can only enhance your portfolio as a model.

If you have enough experience and good photo spreads, your agency will be more and more suggesting for more complex and challenging jobs. Here, you do not just have to pre-select photos or convince in a small Gosee for thirty seconds. Here, large e-castings are planned by agencies and models from all over Europe are requested. For E-Castings you have to do a little video of yourself. For example, in the introductory video, you name your agency, your name, your measurements, and your hobbies. This is usually a second scene in which you have to re-enact, for example, certain scenes from the final commercial. It is not just about the pure posting of lyrics and that reproduce error-free, but also about emotions and feelings! A mistake that you have to perfectly master and play as a model. The videos are often only a few seconds long, a maximum of one minute. Even with e-castings you come back to the big competition when you compete against professionals from all over Germany and Europe.

The big advertising campaigns for car manufacturers and advertising companies: daily fees and usage rights

At some point you have your perfect modelbook, a good agency that believes in me, and you have gained a lot of experience. Now you come to the really interesting jobs, with daily salaries so high that many have to work for more than a month. That’s why these major campaigns are the ultimate goal of German models. Although your daily pay often does not differ significantly from the others, the usage rights are much higher. Rights of use are one of the decisive criteria, even for you as a model in Munich. Model agencies are there for you to be paid fairly. So they will do everything they can to reward you for your performance and for having your face for a particular brand. Here, usage rights are not limited to the media. Rights of use are also made dependent on how long the photos or video material is used or also in which countries the media are used. Depending on how high the range is, and how long the photos are used, the usage rights are calculated by your modeling agency. This will earn you more money as a model.

In the shootings, of course, you have more than just the “easy job of looking good”! You have to be absolutely convincing as a model. You have to inspire people, in a few seconds! Only very few people can do that and that’s why good models are so popular with advertising agencies and brands. They trust in the professional work and the high level of experience that the models have. As a result, productions and production teams can plan precisely and do not waste time due to unprofessional behavior of less committed models.

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