CM New Faces 2017 !!!

The new faces of the modeling industry. The so-called NewFaces are models who are at the beginning of their career, some of them are still a bit inexperienced and mostly stuck in their book building. The new faces are the future of the
industry, are highly motivated and learn quickly. We have also taken NewFaces on our board again this year and are gradually building up the young talents. Who is new and who has the potential to become a top model, you can see here.

Emelie – New Face at CM

Emelie is young, beautiful and has a great charisma. She has only been on our board for a short time and is doing great in her first test shoots and jobs!

Hannah – New Face at CM

Hannah is tall, slim and has a great look. She joined at the beginning of the year and has great potential.

Inga – New Face at CM

Inga is absolutely professional. After her start with us at the beginning of the year, she was already OnStay in Madrid and works hard. She has great potential and the perfect prerequisites.

Jill – New Face at CM

Jill is a very special guy, and although she is Newface, she is very professional in front of the camera.

Johanna – New Face at CM

Johanna is a very exciting guy. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her a real eye-catcher.

Lara – New Face at CM

This young beauty has only been on our board for a short time, but is already working hard on her book and clearly has a lot of potential.

Lea – New Face at CM

Lea has a very special type. She is very hardworking and has already built up a small book despite the New Face status.

Luisa – New Face at CM

Luisa stands out especially because of her gap teeth, her hair and her strong ability to change. She is a young new face with a lot of potential!

Marika – New Face at CM

With her androgynous face, the young beauty stands out extremely. She has also already built up a small book with many exciting routes.

Nicole – New Face at CM

Nicole is our little starter. Although she is very young and has only been on our board since February, she was already OnStay in Madrid and has already done some jobs and great editorials. With her unique look she has a lot of potential!

Paulina – New Face at CM

Paulina is the typical girl next door. With her beauty face she has already produced some editorial lines and got her first jobs.

Valerie – New Face at CM

Valerie joined our board at the beginning of the year. Her beautiful face makes up her great look.

Yala – New Face at CM

Yala is very professional in front of the camera and knows how to handle her extraordinary face and great body. She already appeared in 2 magazines and was even on the cover of Vollformat Magazine.