Berlin Fashion Week 2021: Kilian Kerner, Kylie Jenner and Co.

Berlin Fashion Week 2021 – The international fashion scene gathered in Berlin for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin from 6 to 12 September 2021. Numerous fashion shows, events and fashion fairs presented the latest trends and visions of the designers. Twice a year, the Berlin Fashion Week has been held for many years. An event of great international importance for the lifestyle and fashion industry. The Fashion Week offers many fashion enthusiastic visitors presentations and fashion shows of over 100 brands, fashion labels, as well as press conferences and expert talks.

Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin – For the first time late in summer in September, but finally live on site again. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 is all about sustainability and responsible production. In addition to great designers, newcomers are also allowed to present their collections and inspire the audience. The Austrian designer Florentina Leitner has the honour to open the catwalk shows for the first time with her new collection “Vacation on the Moon” and to inspire the audience with it.

Marc Cain

The motto at Marc Cain: “Keep on dancing”. The designer joins the common history of dance and fashion and brings the interplay to the big stage of Fashion Week. The goal: to develop emotions in movements and thus create a memorable image that everyone wants to remember. The designer focuses on simple and practical clothing, designed to get women through everyday life in an uncomplicated way. A-line style dresses, simple blouses and comfortable suit pants in colorful colors and pattern classics like leo prints with big polka dots.

Rebekka Ruétz

The designer focuses on simple fashion in her new collection. Neutral colours such as beige, grey, anthracite and white are the focus. The motto of her show “Slow Fashion”: all pieces are made from sustainable fabrics and produced nearby.

Kilian Kerner

One of the highlights of the Fashion Week: the show of the Berlin designer Kilian Kerner, who was allowed to present a collection under his own name for the first time again. Due to a legal dispute he was not allowed to use the name for years. Kerner presented 42 outfits for women and men, which caught the eye because of strong colours, but also because of a lot of glitter. One highlight of his collection: a diamond-studded dress worth 100,000 euros. Finally, Kerner takes advantage of the attention and sends his models down the catwalk with a message. The designer wants to draw the public’s attention to the 2021 elections and encourage them to vote.

Florentina Leitner

Designer Florentina Leitner, who has outfitted celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga, opens Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Her collection is themed “Vacation on the Moon”, symbolizing the growing interest of people to visit outer space. Nature served as her inspiration.

Kylie Jenner

The reality star celebrity is promoting her own cosmetics line in Florentina Leitner’s designer pieces, causing sales to skyrocket.

Lady Gaga

The designer made a faux fur coat especially for Lady Gaga, which was commissioned by her stylist.

Danny Reinke

Probably the shortest show at the Berlin Fashion Week! The Berlin designer Danny Reinke inspires the audience with his short and crisp 10 minute show. The focus is clearly on the color yellow and the floral patterns and cuts.

Isabel Vollrath

The designer found her inspiration in the unique beauty of nature and wildlife and projected this onto her new collection. That is why the new collection is called Tiger & Venus. The garments are characterized by mysterious, playful and feminist cuts. Likewise, the designer uses only sustainable fabrics and colorful prints.