Stylists, make-up, hair and dress

Stylists are booked for shoots or fashion shows to take care of the styling of the models. They are always well informed about fashion, beauty and new trends. They have the task of presenting the model as well as possible and emphasizing her assets. They are experts in color and style and know how to show off a particular type in the best possible way. They know how to create harmony between model and outfit.

Stylists: Best Friend in the Backstage

Stylists work “backstage”, their model is their work of art, and stylists naturally have to adapt to the wishes of the designer or photographer. An important characteristic of a stylist should certainly be strong communication skills and empathy. It is also important for a stylist to be able to work calmly under time pressure and not lose their nerve under stress. Ideally, they will ensure that you as a model feel comfortable when getting ready and leave the make-up area relaxed. A good knowledge of English helps considerably in the international fashion industry.

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