Shortlist – the final selection of the client

For bigger productions, there is a step in between before the booking, the shortlist. First you will get the enquiry of the agency. Then, if you are available on that day, you give them your option. As soon as you have done that, you have to wait. For smaller jobs, you will get the cancellation or confirmation directly, for bigger jobs a shortlist might be send out. From that list, the advertising agencies and production companies will make a selection of models. Because when bigger productions become more complex and many models need to be booked, the Post Production Meeting will take place in advance. Here the advertising agency will present the client the final planning: location, styling, photographer, models and so on. The client then approves all parts of these concepts and also the models on the shortlist. The shortlist is a great sign because you will have good chances of getting the job. Usually only two or three models will be on that list. Sometimes even photographers or producers are very convinced of you and they will recommend you to the client, because you would be the perfect fit.