PPM / Post Production Meeting

In a Post Production Meeting (PPM) all possible questions regarding the production will be decided upon. These meetings are mainly taking place for bigger productions of TV commercials, with many models or when shooting a big campaign, in which the communication is via different countries and agencies. Many different people work together here. Besides, the brand it is also an advertising agency. That agency will coordinate new concepts and the realisation of campaigns. The advertising agency will hire a production company. They will plan the respective shoot or video shoot, as well as the entire technical equipment, realisation, the team and much more. Besides the advertising agency and production company, there will be the modelling agency. The more complex the project is, the more common it is to have a central point that coordinates all people involved, for example the advertising agency. If all proposals have been handed in (production, design, models, etc.) the final decision will be made within the Post Production Meeting. After the information of the decision will be forwarded to the agency. And until then you have to hold your option.