Option – The Optioning for Model Jobs

This is a first, non-binding inquiry. We provide as an agency, with others, offers for productions. Therefore we roughly check the availability of the models that would fit. Here often still much information is not fixed, as well as exact fees, Buyouts, etc.. – you don’t have to keep the date free yet. The option is a binding demand. If there is a concrete inquiry or a confirmed offer, we ask concretely for an option. Who gives the “option” is in the selection. The selection then goes to the customer, who makes his decision. Sometimes live castings, e-castings, etc. are added.

Important: If you give an “option”, this is a binding promise. From this moment on, the agency / client and project production will count on you. The option is only released when we release or confirm it as an agency. After the 1st option, you can assign more for new requests. That is, 2nd, 3rd option. Then the booker and customer will know that you already have another job.