Exclusive contract for models

In an exclusive contract, the model confirms he/she will not enter into any agreements with other companies. The model in return receives a very good salary and the company can use the image of the model for the identification and recognition of the brand.

Especially for large jobs that the customer conveys to the model, exclusive contracts are prefered, so they have the assurance that the model does not work with other companies. This is important for the modeling agency and the client, so that the model’s face is exclusive to that campaign that it is not used for many different agencies and jobs, as the exclusivity wears off. So an exclusive contract generally increases the market value of Models.

In an exclusive contract in a good model database you have therefore have the chance to really establish yourself as a model. The model agency has the security through these Exclusivity clauses that they can work long term with you . So your management or Booker can better plan for your career and are more likely to invest in you. Whether trips, coaching, construction shoots or catwalk training, an exclusive contract in a prestigious modeling agency will open many doors and allows you to concentrate fully on your career as a model.

If you get an exclusive offer by a modeling agency, make sure that it has a ( renowned ) name. Because, you are committing yourself for a certain period of time, wholeheartedly to this one agency. Take a look at the website, the bottom pages too, and those of the team. Read the advice in Model Forums or check the Velma list. If you are at an interview with the agency? Ask questions about customers, plans for the future and important plans for your career! A good agency will you answer these questions.

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