Down Days – a waiting period

If you have been booked for a bigger production, the commercial agencies have to do some great planning! In order to have enough time, buffer down days will be planned as well. These days are in between arrival, fitting, production and end/departure. For these days, you will get a lower daily rate. For models, these days are quite good, because usually these jobs take place in Europe or worldwide. A typical travel plan of an agency might look like this:

  • 19.07. Arrival 6 pm
  • 20.07. Fitting
  • 21.07. Down Day
  • 22.07. Production
  • 23.07. Production
  • 24.07. Down Day
  • 25.07. Departure 11am

The 21.07 gives the team the possibility to make any changes from the day before (maybe if they are not happy with the result), like change of clothing or styling. On the 24.07 the production may take some scenes, which they were not able to shoot the other days.