Close-up in model photography and art work

  • Close-up picture

A close-up is a close-up picture of your face. The close-up should show the face and facial expression of the model in detail. There are certain types of close-up pictures.

  • Classic close-up

The classic close-up (macro picture) will show your head and maybe part of your shoulder. The facial expression of the model is the main focus of the picture. Such classic close-ups will be used to show the emotions of the model.

  • Head and Shoulder close-up

The “head and shoulder” close-up will show the body of the model from head to the middle part of your upper body. The facial expressions and your posing are the main part of this close-up. In such pictures, clients and people will see, where the model is looking at.

  • Extreme close-up

The “extreme” close-up only shows certain parts and details of your face. The model only shows the mouth or eyes. The consumer should only look at this part of the picture. Between model and viewer, there is a certain intimacy due to these kinds of pictures.

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