“Knäcke & Fett”: The Fashion Show in Bonn

„Knäcke & Fett“ – Die Modemesse zur Lagerfeld Ausstellung in der Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn begeisterte letztes Wochenende modeinteressierte Gäste aus der Umgebung und extra angereiste Fashionbegeisterte. Am Samstag fand die Fashion-Show unter der Leitung von Modedesigner Chang13 von #HOUSEOFCHANG in der großen Halle neben dem Foyer der Bundeskunsthalle statt. Unser CM Models-Team war vor Ort und unterstützte unsere Models, die für verschiedene Jung-Designer über den Catwalk liefen und ausgefallene Mode präsentierten. Michelle hat für euch die prägendsten Eindrücke des Abends zusammengefasst.

Eye-catching prints, offbeat cuts: The fashion show begins

The Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn is already well attended when our CM Models team reaches the main entrance. In the foyer, the various young designers have set up stands with their new collections. Bright colors, eye-catching prints and unusual cuts directly catch the eye of the guests. Music is already blaring from the large hall next to the foyer. 6:05 p.m., the fashion show is already underway. We discreetly mingle with the astonished spectators. The models float down the catwalk with their hair up in a “Marie Antoinette” look. The catwalk begins on the first floor, the models stride down the wide staircase and pose skillfully in front of the photographers. After a short pause, the models concentratedly walk a round through the hall. The outfits are extraordinary. Starting with summery, colourful outfits in characteristic cuts, to swimwear combined with chunky shoes, to shiny evening gowns in transparent fabrics. Glamorous and breathtaking, in our opinion.

Karl Lagefeld Fashion Method- The Fashion of the 20th & 21st Century

Gaudy coats and dresses in multi-faceted shades of pink and red, as well as camouflage and floral pattern mixes attract all eyes. A cape with “Karl Lagerfeld” print in reference to the Karl Lagerfeld fashion method exhibition ensures applause from the audience. Karl Lagerfeld is one of THE fashion designers of his time, an icon of fashion history. The Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn illuminates the career and collections of this exceptional talent and tells a part of the fashion history of the 20th and 21st century. Our models stride professionally across the catwalk, no expression is distorted, the cameras of the guests and photographers flash incessantly.

The designer on the catwalk

Unusual cuts and designs paired with an extraordinary presentation to varied music fascinate the audience. To crown the show, fashion designer Chang and the young designers present themselves together with the models on the catwalk. Applause echoes through the room, Chang makes his rounds with his mobile phone and shoots a selfie video. His eyes are shining, he is proud of the successful fashion show. He can be too, we agree! Guests stream out of the hall into the foyer and head for the designers ‘ booths. “Knäcke & Fett” is a complete success! The models have earned their closing time, but for Chang, the young designers and the guests the evening is far from over. Our CM Models team heads to the backstage area, our models need to be celebrated.

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