Johannes + Maurus Krapf signed! Modeling twins – are you ready for them?

Swiss quality in our men’s model board! With the Kraft Twins, we’ve found two of the brightest young talents in Europe, thanks to our partners One Time Management in Zurich (our recommendation for models in CH). Let’s be honest: How seldom do you meet a person who has all qualities for a very specific job? Rare! How often do you meet two people who have the perfect conditions? Much rarer!

Therefore, we are all so happy about the successful cooperation with the Swiss men’s model agency One Time Management and our two new models Johannes + Maurus Krapf! Welcome Boys! Now at CM Models Men.

Let’s go! Shooting trip to Zurich this week

Our photo and video artist or better junior creative art director Robin is currently on the way to a major production in Munich with our Milva, Aleksandra, and many more. Afterwards he will be go to Zurich directly, to shoot the first photos of Johannes + Maurus Krapf for our agency! We are looking forward to the new photos for the model portfolio but also to the new videos. You will find them on our Youtube channel next week. Here are a few first impressions of the two guys!

Modeling Twins Modeling Twins Modeling Twins Modeling Twins

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