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If you are looking for suitable influencers in the travel sector, you have come to the right place. With our help, you can find the right influencers with a suitable target group and recruit them for your campaign. It is particularly advantageous if a creator already has a dedicated community of followers who are interested in topics such as luxury travel, road trips, traveling with children or city breaks. This way, your brand will be perceived more authentically and credibly, since the Creator is considered a recognized “expert” in this field. A successful collaboration in influencer marketing can thus lead to an increase in sales. Rely on the expertise of our influencer agency and benefit from a successful campaign in the travel sector.

Cost efficiency: The goal in campaigns

If your creator already posts a lot about travel topics, already has an established community, he or she is less costly than a creator who has to learn the topic first. This lowers the cost of the campaign.

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Creative ideas! Travel Posts

Creative travel ideas start with the first briefing, here are a few small examples of headlines that work and convince in campaigns: follow brand, view product, buy product, etc! Here are a few creative examples from our travel influencers:

“Trip around the world in 80 days 🧳 – my incredible experience!”

“How I traveled around Europe for 10€ a day – you can do it auch🏕️!”

“Luxury Island Hopping Adventures in the Caribbean – The Ultimate Travel Guide🌊🗺️”

“How I Satisfied My Wanderlust While Making Money verdiente🏝️!”

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Influencer Agency: Travel!

Exclusive trips, test driving an electric car, new sneakers in fashion retail, traveling to the Maldives, driving a sports car in the Dubai desert or influencer events for brands, we’ve experienced it all!

We think from a performance perspective to give you the best possible value! While increasing brand awareness is good, it doesn’t always lead to an increase in sales, which ultimately determine the success of an influencer campaign in 98% of cases. With us, you not only get the implementation and reporting, but also a successful performance, which is guaranteed by our experience from over 100 implemented customer campaigns and our influencer management with some of the biggest names on Instagram, TikTok & Co.

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Travel Influencer Marketing

Successful implementation of an influencer campaign requires careful planning and execution. After all, this is the only way to ensure that the campaign appeals to the desired target group and achieves the desired results. From the selection of influencers to the final approval of posts, every step must be professional and strategically thought through to guarantee a successful campaign.

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Tasks in Influencer Marketing

Our typical Influencer Marketing tasks for our clients are:

  • Frequent initial meetings: How to and / or Creatives
  • Influencer selection
  • Negotiation, contracts
  • Creatives for posts and briefings
  • Travel planning
  • Key figures and reporting


Our references

Customers & Campaigns – Test driving an electric car, new sneakers in fashion retail, traveling to the Maldives, driving a sports car in the Dubai desert or influencer events for brands, we’ve experienced it all!

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Industries and sectors

Industries – We cover various industries and fields, as perhaps already seen in the clients and references. Typical bookings are for example:

  • Beauty
  • Perfume
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Interior