Bild vom Live Shopping (Kampagnenplanung, Modelabel)

#2 Campaign & Accessories Shop!

Wow ist es wirklich schon so weit? Oft geht es schneller als gedacht! Heute waren wir in der Kölner Innenstadt unterwegs und haben passende Accessoires für unsere zweite Modekampagne besorgt – Models, Planung, alles by CM. Nach vielen Wochen, Monaten der teilweise akribischen Vorbereitung, kommt manches schneller als gedacht! Die zweite Mode Kampagne – los geht’s.

Second campaign: Signed

We had a lot to do from the first scouting (models) to the model casting. Not to forget, the entire media setup! What doesn’t one need these days? Website, promotional material, mobile, tablet… social media, Facebook and Youtube but also Instagram. Add to that the whole organizational and corporate set up of the modeling agency, and so on. BOAH! And suddenly, there it is: Fashion Campaign #2.

Accessories, Look & Downtown

Since this morning we are already planning our second small campaign for a fashion label of a very special kind: 100% Handmade Prints. Each piece is limited and handmade. The new fashion company should inspire by the fact that it is really individual, often even unique. A bit of luxury, yet clear minimalism. We were thrilled and look forward to the shootings in the coming weeks!

So that the shooting not only depends on the right clothes but is also complemented by perfect accessories, I (Stephan) was myself today in the city center of Cologne on the road and have taken care of look & feel of the first shooting. We also have a little surprise, because on Friday Pro7 will be on location. For the lifestyle magazine TAFF we will shoot the whole day in our Cologne office. The camera team will accompany us, maybe a little casting, maybe a little shooting, we’ll see what we come up with! One thing we can promise, it won’t be boring! Soon you can watch the first backstage videos on Youtube.

Partner / Relevant links to the topic

Here you can find all relevant links to our new fashion project, our model agency and our media partners in Germany. If you are interested in interviews or press coverage please feel free to contact me at any time.